Sunday, November 21, 2010

Single Names

I know that we seem to go to chef run restaurants and I have become aware that many have a single name, often part or in whole connected with the owner.
This past week we have been to several: Terry's( real name Terry's Turf Club), Hugo's, Tano's, Senate and Otto's.

Most Cincinnatians know that "Terry's Turf Club" on Eastern Ave. has become the hot "dive" for burgers and fries, but let me add that they have some very interesting other offerings.
Monday night I had a pork loin sandwich( a pork chop minus the bone) with a whipped goat cheese and large grilled pimento slice placed strategically on top. I only wish it had stayed in place, then I could have come away with less sticky fingers and a cleaner shirt. The whole thing was on a bun liberally doused with a red pepper fresh tomato puree, house made, not ketchup, spicier and thiner. A great combination but bring your own utensils and bib, or a clean bath towel. Certainly something delicious and different.

"Tano's" 204 West Loveland Ave 45140 (513) 683-8266 was just as good the second time as it had been the first. It's a long drive( 17 miles each way) for us but once there it is pleasant and the food and service very good. "Bombay" was exceptionally reasonable( poor English but good price), as I imagine most of the spirits are; while Marilyn and I were overjoyed when the "wedge" came divided in 4 nice sized crisp, firm pieces. It made sharing a joy.
For my main course I had Fluke, blackened and grilled perfectly, moist and firm. The fish rested on a bed of sauteed spinach and was surrounded with black beans and rice. A full meal which complimented the tacos consumed at lunch the day before. I am sure I mention before that the service was not only attentive but interested in us as customers. Thursday night Tano( the last part of his first name) stoped by several times to answer questions and see that we were pleased.

Friday lunch, OTR (over the Rhine) at "Senate" 1212 Vine St 45202 (513) 421-2020 took us back to a place we had not been for several months. The menu has changed slightly( probably seasonal availability of items) but they still feature gourmet street food, plus mussels, and their $9 to $12 all beef hot dogs. If you are watching your weight don't have any but the croque madam, a hot dog with bechamel and cheese sauce plus a poached egg looked wicked and probably overly filling. Our guest licked her lips often.
I was proud of myself settling for the Bangkok Dog which included shaved raw carrots and chopped scallions on a soft bun with peanut and Wasabi sauce, spicy and very good.
Marilyn had a very creamy mushroom soup heavy in mushroom flavor from several types well chopped and sauteed prior to adding to the stock."Senate" remains popular with an interesting crowd both at lunch , dinner and late into the evening.

"Hugo" was mentioned in my previous posting and "Otto's",( our home away from home) both Friday night and for Brunch today, Sunday, has been in so many of these reports that to write more boarders on excessive repetition. So hit a single named place or start calling your favorite by your own, one name, abbreviation.

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