Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year

I have received numerous requests, actually 3, to keep posting from time to time so in response to the overwhelming clamor, to return, here are my personal favorites for 2013.
Appetizers - Walnut Dip@ the"Phoenician Taverna"  or Fried green Tomato's@ "Otto's"
Salad - Marinated beets and Ferro@ "Sotto"
Salad menu - Many of the selections at "Zula"
Soup - Chili( Texas, lot's of beef"@ Losantiville CC or Marilyn Alsacian Matzo Ball soup. Neither available to the general pubic. It'd a shame.
Sandwich - Grilled Grouper@ the "Oakley Pub and Grille"
Fish - Salmon (medium-rare)@ "PrimaVista" or Lobster @ the "Oriental Wok-Regency"
Meat - Lamb, several ways, @ the "Phoenician Taverna"
Sushi - King of the Sea Roll @ "Wild Ginger"
Pasta - Gnocchi @ "Nectar"
Vegetable - Cauliflower and Brussels Sprout Gratin @ "M Wood fired oven"
Burger - "Quin Hapa" Thai street food
Dessert - Opera Cream cake @  "The Bonbonerie"

So there it is. I'm sure I left out other great items but I can't go wrong with any of these.
A Happy new Year and good eating in 2014.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Das is Alis

The title is a saying from my Mother, Circa 1930'e, meaning that we have come to the end. I'm afraid like all things there is a beginning and an ending and so after 8 years of posting my reports, started at the requests of students in the OLLI class, I'm going to take an indefinite "leave of absence". It's not so much the effort to write, about our dinning but rather the repetitiveness of the Restaurants which we regularly visit.

The readership, of each posting, has ranged from as few a 8 to as many as 120 and the comments, mostly verbal, have been a real pleasure, knowing people have used the Blog as a guide for both dinning and discussion.

The only revamped place we have eaten, recently, worth mentioning, is "Lavomatic" 1211 Vine St, OTR, 513-621-1999.
The chef from "Mayberry" has taken over and brought his slant to this Gateway veteran.
After the Ensemble production of "Around the World in 80 Days" we stopped for a snack. The menu is inviting and the food was much better than we have been served there in the past.
I had the fried Polenta sticks, topped with a fried egg and also the Crispy Brussels Sprouts, with a semi sweet peanut sauce. Marilyn chose the the Tomato-Balsamic bisque and the beet cured Salmon. As I said it has gotten much more inventive. The biggest surprise was an Amber Hudy for $1.88, old time pricing.

You'll find us around our current favorites: "Otto's", "Orchids" "Zula"', "Phoenician Taverna", "Oriental Wok-Regency", "M", "Nectar" and many others.

Hope we see everyone, as we "Eat Out"