Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A mixture

The title above only in part refers to the food, it also covers several meals, eaten out, in different venues. Since the last posting we have eaten in peoples homes, country clubs, parties, benefits, restaurants and even our own kitchen and dining room.
Some of the interesting meals, available to all, are as follows( no place we haven't been before):

"Otto's" 521 Main St. Covington KY. One of our real homes away from home. On this visit, with another couple the other man and I split the terrific Fried Green Tomato's, cant imagine starting a meal at "Otto's" with out them,  the Pasta special, pasta in a light cream and white wine sauce with large shrimp, fresh tomato's and spinach plus Parmesan  and Romano cheese; as well as an order of braised, bone in, short ribs, good but not as tasty as my home cooked ones.( I admit to being prejudice.) Marilyn had the excellent Tomato Dill soup and the Kobe beef sliders; three, with different toppings.

Another night we met friends at "M. Wood Fire Oven" 3514 Erie Ave, Hyde Park. We find "M" to be much improved for the early days of it's operation. The selections have broadened and the food is both interesting and flavorful. Most people build a dinner around their wood fired, oven Pizza's but this is neither necessary nor the way to sample their many different items.
That night Marilyn and I split a Mushroom Pizza( they have four different sauces and all are available upon request) with a pesto base. We also shared the Cauliflower Gratin, a mixture of Cauliflower and Brussels Sprouts in a rich, cheesy, cream sauce, the whole dish topped with bread crumbs and pine nuts and then baked until brown and golden on top. Seasoned well this certainly calls for an accompanying drink, in my case a dark beer.

Lastly it was off to "Nectar" our neighborhood, chef run refuge, at 1000 Delta Ave, on any night they are open ( Wed. thru Brunch on Sunday). Julie Francis, the chef sent us a taste of her freshly made chicken liver pate ( she will not use frozen chicken livers), to start our evening, with our drinks. For official starters Marilyn and I split a beet and kale salad, ( beets, kale and Brussels sprouts are the "hot" 2013 items) and Cumin spiced roasted Cauliflower,  served with a fruit salsa. My main course was Sea Bass, reminiscent of Artic Char( the Salmon family) served on a bed of lentils in a very light, clear, curry sauce. Marilyn had the roast chicken, from whence came the livers for the pate.
For desert, the table, even the Gluten free party, split an order of delicious cinnamon doughnuts and molded chocolate moose. Some finish.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


When I was very young my family, including my Aunt and Uncle, and off spring, would go on Thursday nights to a road house just south of Hamilton Ohio. It rested alongside the traction line that ran from Cincinnati to Hamilton. Their specialty was a family style Fried Chicken dinner with wide thick noodles, in egg gravy, cole slaw etc. If memory serves me correctly it was $1.50 for adults and 75 cents for us young ones.
This was in the mid 1930s and I have no idea what inflation, alone, would make that price today, if the establishment was still there. "Greyhound Tavern" is currently $14.95, for somewhat similar fare.

This week we went to "Trio Bistro" in Kenwood. I ordered the "special" which was excellent. Grouper lightly coated with a cranberry sauce( not jellied) and grilled. It rested on a bed of pureed sweet potatoes with a pineapple salsa and candied pistachio nuts. It was a delightful combination and was priced at $32.00. There was a nice sized side salad for accompaniment. This plus a $10 glass of white wine made a fine dinner but took me back almost 80 years for a  price comparison.

Most of our "eating out" since my last posting has been either at homes or at benefits and since I don't think it is a food reporters prerogative to report on private affairs I chose not to. I will comment that at one of the benefits a caterer came with up an Indonesian "rice table" with number of additives. It was something special and a treat.

The other spot we have been visiting, with more regularity is "Zula" 1400 Race St. OTR ( Over the Rhine). It is especially convenient before performances at Music Hall. I have been very pleased with the food and service at this year old spot. Last Saturday night Marilyn and I split a Baby Romaine Salad, crisp but slightly salty, if your watching Sodium intake, a more than ample Mushroom Flat bread and a main of Walleye, grilled with skin on. Dessert was a red raspberry Masala Cake, perfect. I combined my meal with a Glass of Riesling for a terrific pre-concert dinner. Total cost, less tip $68.