Thursday, May 31, 2012

Before Maine

This is just a recap of places we ate before we went to Maine over the Memorial Day weekend. As I mentioned in the preceding posting the Maine trip was for our Granddaughter's Graduation from Bates College in Lewiston. These places and meals are just a listing to clear my file.
"The Precinct"( Steak House)  Delta and Columbia Parkway, Cincinnait. Split the usual 14 oz Strip Steak and Wedge Salad plus normal sides( baked potato, onion straws) with Marilyn. Good standard "Precinct" Dinner.
"Bonefish Grill"  Edwards Road and Madison Road, Cincinnati. Marilyn had excellent Orange Roughy which is not seen too often on Cincinnati menus, it was a treat. I had 2 soft shelled crabs, instead of the menu offering of 1 crab stuffed with a small crab cake. The choice for me was the correct one.
"Enocteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road, Cincinnati. Usual good wine, food, service and menu items. For me that evening it was a Caesar Salad, Meatball Sliders, with red sauce, and a slice of Marilyn's 4 cheese Pizza; before our whole table devided the delightful Ricotta Fritters, with Chocolate Sauce and Orange Marmalade.
"Saigon Cafe" 3672 Erie Ave. Cincinnati. Marilyn has discovered "Banh Xeo" a Thai omelet with bean sprouts, shrimp and scallions in an extreamly light egg wrap. She and I split this winner for a first course. She followed with Pad Thai and I with Sushi for a very pleasent dinner.
Nothing new or unusual but now the slate is clear and I'm ready to see what the next few days bring.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bates College (Lewiston ME) Graduation

The real title for this posting should be: "How I went to Maine for my Granddaughters Graduation and ate my way thru southern Maine".
This past weekend, June 24/28, was Graduation. All three Grandparents plus sister, uncle and parents made the trip.We all were most impressed with the graduation, speakers( especially Bonnie Bassler, look her up), and handling of the whole affair, including our own graduate Kathryn Wolf, and a final school picnic for 4 to 5 thousand including "lobsert rolls", "free" or $200,000, depending on how one figures.

We arrived Thursday evening in Portland and had dinner at "Street & Company" The menu is almost entirly seafood and all was prepared excellently. Besides several salads we indulged in Hake, Seafood Stew, very much in the Bouillabaisse mode, Grilled Dorade( flakey white fish), Broiled Sole and of course a small taste of Lobster. Then well satisfied we drove on to our final destination, Lewiston-Auburn.
Next day lunch was at "Chick-A-Dee of Lewiston" 1472 Lisbon St. 207-376-3670. A very typical Maine, stan alone, seafood restaurant with and active fryer and full kitchen, as well. The table started with a pint of fresh clams, fried with crumbs and butter, sweet and crusty. Two crocks of Onion Soup, well covered with cheese and bread, an order of Coconut Shrimp, deep fried, several Lobster rolls, the best of the trip and a Jr.(ha) Mini Shore lunch, fish chowded, Cole Slaw, Lobster Roll, french fries and baked beans( the beans were the only disapontment).
The same night is was an early dinner, 5:15 PM at "Fish Bones" 70 Lincoln St. 207-333-3663. Large menu but poor service and ordinary food. Possibly it was because of the short time laps from lunch to dinner.
Shared a bottle of Fume Blanc( too sweet), Lobster Flatbread( the best dish of the dinner) Grouper, Scampi in tomato sauce, Lobster Ravioli( read better than presented), several salads and an Asian Stir Fry, there has to be one in every group.
Saturday, excellent sanwiches from a stand alone bakery, an then an evening with roommates and parents with sandwich trays and ordinary Thai, but very good company and feelings and lots of beer, after all it's college.
Sunday Graduation, as I said, was outstanding, and the picnic lunch a marvel of timing and work by the Bates food service. Dinner was another drive to Protland, approximtely 35 miles, and an outstanding dinner at "Fore Street" 288 Fore St. Portland ME 207-775-2717. If your in the area make a reservation and go. Large menu divided in to categories and all done exceedingly well in an open kitchen with a wood fired brick oven, not just for Pizza( I don't think that item is on the menu). Numerous drinks, hard and soft and lots of food for 9 participants. Chilled seafood plate( cured salmon, pickled halibut etc), several salads, oven roasted pork belly, Jonah Crab( don't miss), Bing cherry salad( a treat), Halibut, Sweetbreads( which could be passed, better elsewhere), Whole Black Bass( don't pass) Vegetable Pasta, Flounder ( outstanding) Artic Char( also excellent as were all the seafood dishes) 3 Charcutere( tongue, duck pate, farm pate), grilled cauliflower, grilled asparagus, and 3 desserts the best in, my opinion, was the orange and rhubarb crisp. They all completly dissapeared, as did we after the meal.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Iteresting Items

I thought I would record some interesting items I've had since my last posting. Since the "blogspot" format no longer comes up I'm giving it a try on what I am presented by the computer.

Yesterday Saturday, we had out of town guests. At 12:30 PM 5 of us went to Finley Market( a mob scene) and ate from various pervayors. Amoung the terrific items I tasted were a grilled Bratwurst from "Eckerlin's", a Gyro, from the indoor stand of the same name, Salmon salad from "Fresh Table" and outstanding Apricot and Cinnamon Geloto from "do-jo". The key lime cupcake from Skirtz and Johnson was not easy to forget.

"Cumin Eclectic Cusine" on Erie, in Hyde Park served some wonderful pork belly, Asian Bar-B-Qued buns with crisp cabbage all enclosed in soft steamed buns. I followed with an Avocado Salad, chunks of exactly ripened avocado mixed with corn bread crutons and seasoned with a slightly spicy greek Yogurt dressing.

"Senate" 1212 Vine Street still puts forth the best mussels in the area while "Abigail Street", right next door, gave us a wonderful lamb salad( arugilla, medium-rare marinated and roasted lamb, sauted, crisp, chickpeas and diced grape tomatoes all covered with excellent Balsamic vinegar. Besides that large salad we were served a bowl of Gnocchi with sweet fresh peas and cut asparagus.

Moving on in the fish department "La Poste" 3410 Telford give us all( 3) perfectly prepared Walleye, either on chopped salas or on new green diced vegetables while the "Oakley Pub" Oakley Square( where 5 streets meet) still turns out the best Grouper sandwich I've run across. Another place that has satisfied my taste for well prepared fish, and other items, is "Cafe Mediterranean" 9525 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash. Their offering a week ago was both striped Bass and very well repared Swordfish.

Last, but not least, was a meal at "Jean Robert's Table" 713 Vine Street which opened my eyes and taste buds with Skate Wings and perfectly roasted rack of Lamb.
And so the "eating out" goes on.