Sunday, May 13, 2012

Iteresting Items

I thought I would record some interesting items I've had since my last posting. Since the "blogspot" format no longer comes up I'm giving it a try on what I am presented by the computer.

Yesterday Saturday, we had out of town guests. At 12:30 PM 5 of us went to Finley Market( a mob scene) and ate from various pervayors. Amoung the terrific items I tasted were a grilled Bratwurst from "Eckerlin's", a Gyro, from the indoor stand of the same name, Salmon salad from "Fresh Table" and outstanding Apricot and Cinnamon Geloto from "do-jo". The key lime cupcake from Skirtz and Johnson was not easy to forget.

"Cumin Eclectic Cusine" on Erie, in Hyde Park served some wonderful pork belly, Asian Bar-B-Qued buns with crisp cabbage all enclosed in soft steamed buns. I followed with an Avocado Salad, chunks of exactly ripened avocado mixed with corn bread crutons and seasoned with a slightly spicy greek Yogurt dressing.

"Senate" 1212 Vine Street still puts forth the best mussels in the area while "Abigail Street", right next door, gave us a wonderful lamb salad( arugilla, medium-rare marinated and roasted lamb, sauted, crisp, chickpeas and diced grape tomatoes all covered with excellent Balsamic vinegar. Besides that large salad we were served a bowl of Gnocchi with sweet fresh peas and cut asparagus.

Moving on in the fish department "La Poste" 3410 Telford give us all( 3) perfectly prepared Walleye, either on chopped salas or on new green diced vegetables while the "Oakley Pub" Oakley Square( where 5 streets meet) still turns out the best Grouper sandwich I've run across. Another place that has satisfied my taste for well prepared fish, and other items, is "Cafe Mediterranean" 9525 Kenwood Road, Blue Ash. Their offering a week ago was both striped Bass and very well repared Swordfish.

Last, but not least, was a meal at "Jean Robert's Table" 713 Vine Street which opened my eyes and taste buds with Skate Wings and perfectly roasted rack of Lamb.
And so the "eating out" goes on.

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