Monday, April 30, 2012

Nothing New

The format on the computer has been changed and so I am not sure if this will be added or not.

I am doing a "brown bag lunch" for OLLI (Osher Life Long Learning Institute) on Thursday, May 3, at the UC Blue Ash campus. Paul Weckman, of "Otto's" will accompany me and carry most of the load.
Other than that things have been pretty quiet. Several meals by organizations, to which we belong, some at home and trips to "Otto's"( fried green tomato's, best in the area, and shrimp and gritz), "Nectar" ( Pork Paprikasch)and the "Keystone Grill ( home made chips, excellent, wedge salad, fair, and chilli, also only fair). And that has been it as far as "eating out" is concerned.

As I said I probably wont post much unless there is really something special to report.
Now we'll see what happens, with the computer, when I try to post.

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