Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Back

Now at home and working on "old faithful" or at least on machine that I have used for many years, some successfully and some not.

Let's start with "Ruth's Parkside Cafe, 4101 Spring Grove Ave. 45223 (513)542-7884. This reincarnation of Mullain's Parkside Cafe, downtown is now located in the rehabed American can Co. building, which has both retail and residential. In my opinion the Cafe is a steep up from the one downtown, both in menu, more items, and quaitty of the food and service. This restaurant, open for both lunch and dinner, offers more and different items and is not concentrated on vegetarian or salads.
We went with another couple, as we often do and consiquently got to see, and taste several items.
After my Bombay I had the Cajan catfish, served on a rice cake. Tasty and enough unless one is in a feeding mode. I had seen on the menu Cherry Pie, an item I had been chasing for a month or more and so I wanted to "save room" for for that, and of course, ala mode.
Marilyn had an excellent Lamb Shank with root vegetables which was reasonably priced. As large enough to, again, satisfy most.
Others had a Spinach Satey and and order of Red Beans and rice, to my taste a bit on the mild side.

All the rests are repeat but deserve some comments:
Dinner, two different times, within seven days at "China Gourmet" 3340 Erie Ave. 45208 (513) 871-6612, argumenetly the best seafood prepairer in the area. One night I, along with Marilyn, shared a grilled Walleye, while the other I had the Lobster in Black bean sauce. Tuesday night is "Lobster special" with a pound and a half Maine Lobster for 18 dollars. That night Marilyn had shrimp Lo Mein. Bth nights we had side orders of vegetables.

"Greyhound Tavern" 2500 Dixie Hwy, Ft Wright KY. There it were two families, the other with their 6 year old, and we split four chicken, full family style, dinners. This added two several draft beers and giant onion rings sent us all away happy and satisfied and the 6 year old excited to be included with the adults while her sister was at Girl Scout camp.

"Salazar Restaurant" 1401 Republic St. 45202 (OTR) 513-621-7000, part of the Vine St.eating scene which is open Monday nights. This is the one that went into space and I'll write a new posting staring with Salazar

I need an 8 year old

Yesterday after returning from the Visitor Center, I sat now and wrote a long post. Really I did. More that half way through I did something that sent it into space, never to be seen again.
I'll try and recap, very briefly.

Ruth's Parkside Cafe 4101 Spring Grove Ave. 45223 (513) 542-7884. This 6 month old restaurant is in the old American Can Co. building which is now commercial and residential. It is run by the people who operated Mullain's Parkside Cafe, down town but has expanded their menu and in my opinion has a better Chef and a more interesting menu. They are open both lunch and dinner and the food was good and reasonable.
I had Cajun Catfish on a rice cake while Marilyn had a nice sized Lamb Shank with root vegetables. I ended with Cherry Pie, ala mode, for which I had been searching several months. Give it a try.

I also reported on two Meals at "Chins Gourmet", one of the best fish houses in town. One night it was Walleye, split for the two of us and the other Lobster( $18 on Tuesday night), for me, and Shrimp Lo Mien. Both nights we had sides of specially prepared vegetables. They are used to preparing food to special orders.

With another couple, and their 6 year old,  it was "Greyhound Tavern" in Fort Wight ( Dixie Hwy) for their family style Chicken dinners plus huge onion rings and draft beers( not the 6 year old or Marilyn).

I'll do another shortly but I think I have remembered how far I got, but in greater detail in the original.
Maybe this time it will get posted. It's been two interesting computer days.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

By the seat of my pants

We are at work, The Cincinnati Visitors on Foutain Square, on Sunday from 12 to 3 and I thought I'd try to do a post. I have nothing to guide, including restaurent bills, a food cook book, for spelling, or magazines for addresses. I could, of course, look some of this up but that would take advanced planning.
In writting I find the I am unable to use the mouse and so this will end, to be continued, hopefully this evening, with the proper background material.
So much for a try.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Other Coast

In the last posting I reported on our trip to the East Coast, now it's time to review the trip to Seattle for our Granddaughters Law School Graduation.
In between we had a dinner at "Otto's" with the usual Fried green tomato's, a bottle of Gamay( half priced wine night), Brazed, bone in short ribs, Pasta, and Apricot Bread Pudding. All well prepared and served perfectly. It's hard for us to try "Bouquet" next door, but we'll have to some time, if for no other reason than to stay abreast of the Covington food scene.

Hopped the plane to Seattle June 6 at 9:15 AM, arriving in time to check in our hotel and walk two blocks, down the street, to "Portage Bay", 4130 Roosevelt Way, Seattle -206-547-8230. This large, excellent, well run restaurant is open both for breakfast and lunch, 6 or 7 days/week. Not in the evening. The food is uniformly good and plentifully and we so enjoyed the experience, we ate our next two Breakfasts there. Some of the items that came to our table, and that we especially enjoyed were: Heirloom Tomato's Benedict, Swedish Pancakes with Lingonberrys, Spanish Skillet with 3 eggs, turkey sausage, ham and croutons all on top of Italian tomato's and with a slightly spicy sauce, served in an iron skillet right from the oven, "Migas" a mixture similar but without the bread, ham or whole Roma tomato's. The "Migas" can be ordered with Chicken, instead of sausage. Another hit was the crab cake Benedict. There is a large "breakfast bar" with toppings for pancakes, waffles and Oatmeal. Plenty for a variety of tastes and multiple meals.

The first evening 7 of us went to "Blind Pig Bistro", 2238 Eastlake Ave. Seattle - 206-329-2744, reservations highly recommended. It is a small restaurant seating no more that 40 and helpings are of the small plate fashion, encouraging people to have several, for sharing. We split 3 orders of Arctic Char, 4 orders of Gnocchi, two small loafs of french bread, one each of Octopus, Scallops, and 3 desserts. Several glasses of wine for those who imbibe. Food was excellent and the service was even better, with our server guiding us through all the offerings.

Next night was a South American picnic for 11 of us at "Gas Work Park", overlooking the water. Sunday was Graduation, in the afternoon, followed by a reception for the Law School. Then on to "Anchovies and Olives" where 12 of us we're greeted with a "price fixed", multi-course dinner selected by the chef. Too many items and courses to try to remember.

Monday Breakfast was at "Voula's Offshore Cafe, 658 NE Northlake Way Seattle - 206-634-0183. It's on the ship channel and a must try place if your in that neighborhood and like "old  fashion Diner food". Bacon( thick), eggs, outstanding hash browns, pancakes, omelets and anything else you desire from a diner menu.
That night, before the "red eye" a reduced and stuffed group had one final meal at "Etta's Seafood", 2020 Western Ave near the Pike St. Market. "Etta's specialty is fresh grilled or broiled Salmon with the "house" rub. It lived up to it's billing, with mine coming "rare, as ordered, and others fixed perfectly to their specifications. They know their business. Those who had no interest in the salmon had Crab Cakes, and would you believe it, Cheeseburgers.

Done with Graduations till this winter and back in Cincinnati, for several months.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Every time I do a posting, not centered on the local region I heard from 1 or 2 readers, not quite a majority of my following, that there is really very little interest in what we do, "out of town". In spit of this, once in a while I am compelled to report on something unusual.
Sunday we returned from an 8 day driving trip to our Grandsons Graduation (Commencement) in Cambridge. During this Eastern swing I had neither a Lobster dinner or Lobster roll, an affront to some loyal crustacean lovers. I did have "soft shelled" crabs for three of the evening meals, it's that( short) season.

First stop Cleveland and dinner at the "Mayfair CC" a private club in the Tudor mode with an excellent menu and food staff. My first night with soft shelled crabs. Next two nights as guests of the former owners of "The Murfin Ridge Inn" who have retired to Northampton Mass. Home cooking the first night, excellent, crabs again the next.
On to Cambridge Mass for 3 nights, and days, all scheduled around the Harvard commencement. First night an outdoor dinner, at the stadium for the graduation class, family and friends, approx. 5000. Hard rain, tent with food stations; seafood, Italian, Chinese, vegetarian etc. All tables outside, none occupied and people all jammed under the one tent. Who knows how the food was, before it was attacked.
The next night, and the real reason for this posting; guest of the President of Turkey and his family. More latter.
Thursday night at a very interesting Tapas restaurant in Cambridge. Everything from fried Rabbit cutlet to a mystery burger.( Beef Burger to us mid-westerners.).
On to Mamaroneck NY and dinner, crabs again in the original home of James Feathermoor Cooper. Looks like it should have had repairs. but the food was very good, basically Italian and Seafood.
Hitting Cincinnati at 7:30 PM we stopped at the "Piada" outlet in Hyde Park Plaza, for some Italian street food. I had wonderful Calamari salad which hit the spot and I recommend.

Back to the dinner with the President of Turkey( name dropping), our first experience with a sitting President of any country, and all because his son in one of our Grandson's "house mates". There were 20 to 25 in attendance with another dozen security personnel. The President and family are Muslim and therefore no alcohol was served or offered. The Presidents son ordered and array of dishes, potato bread, tuna tartar, sea bass tartar, marinated octopus, peppers and onions in olive oil, asparagus, fried oysters on a spicy tarter sauce and fruit chutney.
We were each presented with the full menu( sans prices) of the restaurant, "Ostra", One Charles Street South, mostly seafood, from which I selected a seafood Paella, with some pieces of Lobster and many other sea creatures. Most of the guests choose "salt crusted whole roasted Bronzini, divided among 2 dinners. Dessert followed with coffee and tea and an eventful evening drew to a close.

 Next entry, maybe, our trip starting the end of this week to Seattle, for another Granddaughter law school graduation, and more seafood, I am sure, but no more dignitaries.