Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Every time I do a posting, not centered on the local region I heard from 1 or 2 readers, not quite a majority of my following, that there is really very little interest in what we do, "out of town". In spit of this, once in a while I am compelled to report on something unusual.
Sunday we returned from an 8 day driving trip to our Grandsons Graduation (Commencement) in Cambridge. During this Eastern swing I had neither a Lobster dinner or Lobster roll, an affront to some loyal crustacean lovers. I did have "soft shelled" crabs for three of the evening meals, it's that( short) season.

First stop Cleveland and dinner at the "Mayfair CC" a private club in the Tudor mode with an excellent menu and food staff. My first night with soft shelled crabs. Next two nights as guests of the former owners of "The Murfin Ridge Inn" who have retired to Northampton Mass. Home cooking the first night, excellent, crabs again the next.
On to Cambridge Mass for 3 nights, and days, all scheduled around the Harvard commencement. First night an outdoor dinner, at the stadium for the graduation class, family and friends, approx. 5000. Hard rain, tent with food stations; seafood, Italian, Chinese, vegetarian etc. All tables outside, none occupied and people all jammed under the one tent. Who knows how the food was, before it was attacked.
The next night, and the real reason for this posting; guest of the President of Turkey and his family. More latter.
Thursday night at a very interesting Tapas restaurant in Cambridge. Everything from fried Rabbit cutlet to a mystery burger.( Beef Burger to us mid-westerners.).
On to Mamaroneck NY and dinner, crabs again in the original home of James Feathermoor Cooper. Looks like it should have had repairs. but the food was very good, basically Italian and Seafood.
Hitting Cincinnati at 7:30 PM we stopped at the "Piada" outlet in Hyde Park Plaza, for some Italian street food. I had wonderful Calamari salad which hit the spot and I recommend.

Back to the dinner with the President of Turkey( name dropping), our first experience with a sitting President of any country, and all because his son in one of our Grandson's "house mates". There were 20 to 25 in attendance with another dozen security personnel. The President and family are Muslim and therefore no alcohol was served or offered. The Presidents son ordered and array of dishes, potato bread, tuna tartar, sea bass tartar, marinated octopus, peppers and onions in olive oil, asparagus, fried oysters on a spicy tarter sauce and fruit chutney.
We were each presented with the full menu( sans prices) of the restaurant, "Ostra", One Charles Street South, mostly seafood, from which I selected a seafood Paella, with some pieces of Lobster and many other sea creatures. Most of the guests choose "salt crusted whole roasted Bronzini, divided among 2 dinners. Dessert followed with coffee and tea and an eventful evening drew to a close.

 Next entry, maybe, our trip starting the end of this week to Seattle, for another Granddaughter law school graduation, and more seafood, I am sure, but no more dignitaries.

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