Monday, June 30, 2014

I'm Back

Now at home and working on "old faithful" or at least on machine that I have used for many years, some successfully and some not.

Let's start with "Ruth's Parkside Cafe, 4101 Spring Grove Ave. 45223 (513)542-7884. This reincarnation of Mullain's Parkside Cafe, downtown is now located in the rehabed American can Co. building, which has both retail and residential. In my opinion the Cafe is a steep up from the one downtown, both in menu, more items, and quaitty of the food and service. This restaurant, open for both lunch and dinner, offers more and different items and is not concentrated on vegetarian or salads.
We went with another couple, as we often do and consiquently got to see, and taste several items.
After my Bombay I had the Cajan catfish, served on a rice cake. Tasty and enough unless one is in a feeding mode. I had seen on the menu Cherry Pie, an item I had been chasing for a month or more and so I wanted to "save room" for for that, and of course, ala mode.
Marilyn had an excellent Lamb Shank with root vegetables which was reasonably priced. As large enough to, again, satisfy most.
Others had a Spinach Satey and and order of Red Beans and rice, to my taste a bit on the mild side.

All the rests are repeat but deserve some comments:
Dinner, two different times, within seven days at "China Gourmet" 3340 Erie Ave. 45208 (513) 871-6612, argumenetly the best seafood prepairer in the area. One night I, along with Marilyn, shared a grilled Walleye, while the other I had the Lobster in Black bean sauce. Tuesday night is "Lobster special" with a pound and a half Maine Lobster for 18 dollars. That night Marilyn had shrimp Lo Mein. Bth nights we had side orders of vegetables.

"Greyhound Tavern" 2500 Dixie Hwy, Ft Wright KY. There it were two families, the other with their 6 year old, and we split four chicken, full family style, dinners. This added two several draft beers and giant onion rings sent us all away happy and satisfied and the 6 year old excited to be included with the adults while her sister was at Girl Scout camp.

"Salazar Restaurant" 1401 Republic St. 45202 (OTR) 513-621-7000, part of the Vine St.eating scene which is open Monday nights. This is the one that went into space and I'll write a new posting staring with Salazar

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