Saturday, July 12, 2014


When I stopped posting every week one of the facts I used to support that decision was that a lot of the places we went were just repeats. That has turned out to be the case, however, several readers have commented that they often used the Blog for ideas and locations and so they urged that I continue to post, from time to time.

Here, in no particular order are placed we have been in the last several weeks;
"M.Wood Fire Oven" 3514 Erie Ave. 45238 (513) 386-7783.
The night was beautiful and so we ate outside. All the outside tables were filled an so service was somewhat spotty. As I told Alex, the proprietor, the food was not as good as usual. The Cauliflower Gratins, one of my favorite dishes was runny and void of it's usual flavor. The Chipinno turned out to be six shrimp covered with a fairly thick tomato sauce with a few small chunks of Salmon. Very little broth.
"Red Feather" 3200 Madison Road, Oakley"
Have been there several times. It is in the space that previously housed "Boca", before their move down town. I had excellent Vichyssoise, highly recommended by our companion, and good Shrimp and Grits. Marilyn's grilled Pork Chop looked perfect, but I was never offered a taste, maybe that's the highest praise.
"Zula" 1400 Race St. (OTR) 513-744-9852
This remains one of our favorite "Over the Rhine" (OTR) spots. That night we had the terrific Eggplant Fries, with our drinks followed by a large Beet salad, for me, and Citrus Cured Salmon for Marilyn. We then split an order of Gnocchi served in a lamb Ragu, out of this world!
"Salazar Restaurant" 1401 Republic St. (OTR) 513-621-7000 Down(east) 14th St. from Zula and open Monday nights.
With our drinks we had pan fried Broccoli with a slightly spiced dipping sauce and a Rillette of duck, one of Marilyn's favorite. She followed with roast chicken served on a bead of corn and mixed beans( succotash). My main was a good sized Panzanella Salad built around Romaine, Cucumbers, tomato's, onions and seasoned croutons.
"Wurst Bar" 3204 Linwood Ave 45226 (513) 321-0709. If the weather permits, eat outside on the back patio.
I started with a cool Avocado soup which was thick and spicy. Followed by the "Hans Gruber" a very good Knackwurst on a brioche bun. The sausage was covered with grilled onion and green pepper slices. The whole thing was bathed in good German mustard. Marilyn had very good chicken tortilla soup, again with some spice, it is a bar selling beer, and a "Wurst Burger".
"Montgomery Inn - Montgomery" 9440 Montgomery Road 45242 (513) 791-3482 A Cincinnati favorite for ribs but we are "Walt's" people. One of the local big controversies.
We split a Matula's salad( named for someone in the family) and the chopped steak plus chips and onion straws. Plenty for us.
"Enoteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road 45208 (5130 834-5773
Wonderful Veal Meat balls and a Caesar salad split while Marilyn had Pasta Bolognese, her favorite sauce and I ate half of a 4 Cheese Pizza, shared with one of our companions. This place in O'Brianville remains a very good neighborhood restaurant, both in food and service

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