Friday, October 28, 2011


For those few that aren't familiar with Airport codes the title refers to Cincinnati- San Francisco and back to Cincinnati. That's where we have been in the last two weeks since posting.
The SF trip was for a family funeral which came up unexpectedly, but it was a blessing.

Starting with the earliest meal( Oct 16) and working to the present here goes:
"Bonefish" Grill", Edwards and Madison Roads in Hyde Park. After my Bombay I stuck with the grilled salmon, asparagus and a head lettuce wedge, oil and wine vinegar on the side. All were good but not exciting. It's hard going somewhere between healthy and "good for you" and exciting. Marilyn had the Tilapia and a house salad, As I have said many times Bonefish is a good standard seafood emporium.

"Enoteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road 45208 (513) 834-5773, the new neighborhood "hot" spot, full almost every night, with good reason. That evening along with a Formaggio( cheese) loaf, bread cut and cheese layered between each slice and then the whole loaf toasted,which the 4 of us split, I had a Calamari and Shrimp salad consisting of greens, a light dressing and the two mentioned protein sources. This plus taste of Marilyn Ferro( grain) salad with onions, peppers and diced tomato's and one of her terrific mushroom Ravioli was sufficient. My wine was a Gavi and new experience for me cultivated in the last month.

The next night, we go out too much, "The Cheesecake Factory, Kenwood mall, was our place to dine with cousins. Again the usual drink followed by excellent Wild Mushroom soup, plenty of salt but also plenty of mushrooms. I chose the chopped salad, from the exceedingly large selection of menu items while Marilyn followed the soup with a Fire-Roasted fresh Artichoke, more than she could handle in one sitting. Good visit with the family and a decent dinner.

It's hard to be in SF without thinking of both seafood and Italian, or a mix of both. So even though all the meals were brought in, one night we called upon "Fishermen's Grotto #9, 9 Fisherman's Wharf San Francisco 94133 (415) 673-7025 to provide dinner for 12. This they did packing two large boxes with Large Crab Louis salad( lot of fresh crab meat), with a marvelous 1000 Island dressing, one of the hits of the evening, 2 cracked and sectioned whole Crabs to finish the heavy appetizer. Main courses ( 2 orders of each item) were Prawns in a butter, wine a mushroom sauce ( good portions of mushrooms) Petrole Sole, a bow to Marilyn's favorite ( of course after Dover Sole), Halibut stuffed with bay shrimp and crab and 2 orders of Fruti Di Mare, fettuccine in a light tomato sauce covered with scampi, clams and mussels. The restaurant is a large tourist spot but the items they sent were all substantial and quite satisfactory, no complaints.

Don't usually throw in non-public places but I must remark the the food at LCC ( Losantiville Country Club) have become real a treat. This week I had a wonderful crispy roast duck with orange sauce which was a good as I can remember. Just had to comment.

Lastly, I'm sorry Ed< last night we went to an OLLI( Osher Life Long Learning) at the "Oriental Wok-Hyde Park. The restaurant provided a hot and cold appetizer buffet( paid for by OLLI) and a cash bar and for those of us who stayed for dinner the regular menu and accommodations.
Guy Burgess, the chef, is a friend and so knowing my low salt needs, especially after the appetizers, he gave me grilled Salmon covered with a very tasty fresh tomato sauces mixed with sweet rice wine and various spices, super. He also steamed vegetables and so my dinner countered the salty snacks of which like all I had imbibed.
Now were all up to date and I'll post more as with keep "eating out".

Friday, October 14, 2011

4 places in one week

Here is a report on 4 places with different styles, but all good, and even can be somewhat healthy.

"Nectar Restaurant" 1000 Delta Ave Cincinnati, OH 45208 (513) 929-0525. As I reported this is high on my list because of the preponderance of items on the menu made from fresh ingredients with very little additives, All interestingly and well prepared and attractively served.
Last Saturday night we went to celebrate my Birthday, a day late( Yom Kipper was on the exact day. Along with Marilyn and me were our, in town two children. I brought a home made birthday cake, but more of that latter.
We started, during drinks with a plate of beautiful golden and crisp Shrimp Fritters, not in the least greasy. I followed with a taco of duck Carnitas, shredded and roasted covered by a fried egg and a light fresh tomato salsa. Knowing that the others would over order I received an empty plate and an opportunity to enjoy a large sample of Marilyn's Beef Stew, chunks of roasted beef sirloin and vegetables in a beautiful bourguignon sauce. I also enjoyed a good size sample of "Golden Tilefish" poached in a very light curry broth. Both were wonderful. For desert, as mentioned, we brought a special cake, my favorite, three layer yellow cake with one layer filling of Apricot jam and another of Red Raspberry jam, all iced with dark chocolate icing, I really didn't need dinner. Some Birthday feast.

On to "Enoteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road Cincinnati, OH 45208 (513)834-5773. We had had a wine and Italian dinner, with 5 wines, at our house the night before and I brought the remains of a Sicilian Chardonnay for the two owners to taste, I also ordered a glass of "Gavi" to which I had been introduced on the previous evening( light, crisp, Italian white). For my appetizer I chose the Stuffed figs, bacon wrapped, covered with a spicy tomato sauce, a beautiful contrast of flavors, sweet and sharp. The main course was there excellent mushroom ravioli and for desert the table shared the terrific ricotta fritters. Three items that are actually fairly light and yet quite filling.

Next it was our neighborhood steak house, the always reliable "Precinct" 311 Delta Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45226 (513) 321-5454. The man himself, Jeff Ruby was at the next table, and after registering my displeasure at the price of the "Bombay" I downed one before dinner( more bark than bite). Marilyn and I, almost always, share a 12 oz Sirloin and baked potato, with of course the crisp onion straws. I have the Greek salad while she enjoys the "Freddie". The kitchen skipped the rub, on the steak and brushed the Kosher salt from the skin of the potato, so I felt somewhat virtuous, while knowing down deep I wasn't. but still enjoying the excellently prepared meal. For desert the table had "Banana's Foster"deadly but delicious. No using the scale the next morning. The Precinct is still our favorite "chop house" and it's just down the hill.

Lastly, my standby Chinese, "Oriental Wok" Hyde Park, Madison and Dana Avenues, 45208 (513) 871-6888. I took a bit of Marilyn's crisp,hot egg roll before she had a dish of chicken, mushrooms, broccoli and noodles while I had a special rendition of "Shrimp Chinatown", slivers of crisp carrots, celery, onions and water chestnuts with grilled shrimp crowning the vegetables. All fixed with no salt or soy, can you believe. It was beautiful, tastee and probably the most healthy thing of the week. From there we took off to the "Ensemble Theatre" and a very wordy play, not particular to our liking.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

False Alarm

I have no idea what happened that brought up the warning, yesterday, but it turned out to be a false alarm. The post printed, just as always and the computer unlocked in just a few seconds, all's right with the world, at least my computer functions, so let go on.

Next spot was "Lemon Grass" 2666 Madison Rd, Hyde Park 513-321-2882. This restaurant is the parent of "Wild Ginger" and while there is no Sushi most other items, in some form, can be found on their menu. It has probably been at it's current location for 15 years and their prices, as well as the decor are still "old fashioned". A lot of their business is "carry out" and it is very convenient for the Hyde Park, Oakley neighborhoods.
Marilyn and I split a good sized salad with a fresh peanut dressing and she followed with her usual Pad Thai, I on the other hand had the excellent Pineapple Fried rice with shrimp. It contains a healthy amount of pineapple as well as roast cashews. Four large shrimp grace the top. Unusually it has more Curry, than Monday evening, but then I had asked no salt and little soy so the whole dish, until I added some seasoning was good, but to mild and I have learned that I am better to let well enough alone. Whole dinner including tax and tip ran $16 each.

Tuesday night we again tried going to "Honey" in North side, only to find it closed therefore, with another couple we landed at "La Poste" in Clifton, 513-282-3663. Just as the week before we enjoyed our evening splitting a "house salad", greens, julienned beets, and a few nuts. The vinaigrette was delicious as always. Marilyn had her mushroom ravioli, her fall back, still a good dish, and I had the grilled Wahoo, grilled and served on a bed of apricot jam, delightful. The plate also contained thin strip of celery which had been pan sauteed and some strips of picked onion, both items crunchy to contrast with the Wahoo( sword fish texture). I split a bottle of red wine with the other couple and it all made for a very pleasant evening and meal. I'll have to find out what is going on at "Honey".

Lastly, another favorite, "Pelican's Reef" Beechmont Ave in Anderson Township. The fresh trout special was recommended and the recommendation was an excellent one. It was extremely fresh, having arrive the same day, at noon, and the restaurant was sold out, of this item, by 8 PM. The chief grilled it to perfection. Marilyn and I had the same thing and also the same sides, large house salad, balsamic dressing, and wonderful "twice baked" potato's. Unbelievable at $14.95. "Pelican Reef" is a favorite for several reason, food, price, service and the wonderful hospitality extended by the two couples who own the place. I have described it previously as a "Key West Seafood Bar" and they live up to that billing or a little more.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Let's get caught up

I'm not sure how far I'll get before some other duty calls but I'll bring the postings somewhat up to date. There have not been a lot of memorable eating experiences although there have been quite a number of meals out, and in most instances they have decent or above.
"Cumin" 3520 Erie Ave. 45208 (513) 871-8714 remains good, as always. It's one of many where we have become well know. I started with a String bean salad, served over a bed of mixed greens with vinaigrette, on the side, while Marilyn's opening dish was a creamy beer cheese soup, unusual for her. It was flavorful and served at exactly the right temperature( yes, I tasted). We both had a homemade Pasta, wide noodles, and a somewhat spicy tomato sauce, which included red and yellow grape tomato halves and a taste of sauteed, either, spinach or kale. A fine vegetarian dish not on the regular menu.
On Saturday we picked up a cousin at the airport and stopped for lunch at the "Hitching Post" Edwards and Madison Roads in Hyde Park. Good chain for fried chicken which the three of us had plus a side of cole slaw. That evening 5 of us went to the "old standby" "Otto's" 521 Main St. Covington, KY 41016( doubt that ZIP Codes are necessary, who writes a letter unless they are complaining), phone 859-491-6678. No explanation or description necessary. The mandatory Fried Green Tomato's( outstanding) came for the table. I had another pasta in tomato sauce but this one included excellently done scollop's, a very nice addition. Marilyn had her usual Tilapia, which they do exceedingly well and we split an iceberg wedge which comes with bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles and a rich house vinaigrette, a bit repetitious from the night before.
The next night we were guests at "Knotty Pine on the Bayou" Kentucky route 915. Remote New Orleans type restaurant and Bar( mostly Cajun). I gravitate to the Grouper, which Marilyn does as well. It's one of their best dishes, if your ducking fried and spicy, in our opinion. My side, beside a very nice chilled salad, was a cup of Etouffee, a new experience for me as a side but better in my opinion that what is normally offered.
Just got a computer signal, which I don't understand, that this may fail and so I'll stop and continue at a later date. Don't want to drop too many pearls.