Thursday, October 6, 2011

False Alarm

I have no idea what happened that brought up the warning, yesterday, but it turned out to be a false alarm. The post printed, just as always and the computer unlocked in just a few seconds, all's right with the world, at least my computer functions, so let go on.

Next spot was "Lemon Grass" 2666 Madison Rd, Hyde Park 513-321-2882. This restaurant is the parent of "Wild Ginger" and while there is no Sushi most other items, in some form, can be found on their menu. It has probably been at it's current location for 15 years and their prices, as well as the decor are still "old fashioned". A lot of their business is "carry out" and it is very convenient for the Hyde Park, Oakley neighborhoods.
Marilyn and I split a good sized salad with a fresh peanut dressing and she followed with her usual Pad Thai, I on the other hand had the excellent Pineapple Fried rice with shrimp. It contains a healthy amount of pineapple as well as roast cashews. Four large shrimp grace the top. Unusually it has more Curry, than Monday evening, but then I had asked no salt and little soy so the whole dish, until I added some seasoning was good, but to mild and I have learned that I am better to let well enough alone. Whole dinner including tax and tip ran $16 each.

Tuesday night we again tried going to "Honey" in North side, only to find it closed therefore, with another couple we landed at "La Poste" in Clifton, 513-282-3663. Just as the week before we enjoyed our evening splitting a "house salad", greens, julienned beets, and a few nuts. The vinaigrette was delicious as always. Marilyn had her mushroom ravioli, her fall back, still a good dish, and I had the grilled Wahoo, grilled and served on a bed of apricot jam, delightful. The plate also contained thin strip of celery which had been pan sauteed and some strips of picked onion, both items crunchy to contrast with the Wahoo( sword fish texture). I split a bottle of red wine with the other couple and it all made for a very pleasant evening and meal. I'll have to find out what is going on at "Honey".

Lastly, another favorite, "Pelican's Reef" Beechmont Ave in Anderson Township. The fresh trout special was recommended and the recommendation was an excellent one. It was extremely fresh, having arrive the same day, at noon, and the restaurant was sold out, of this item, by 8 PM. The chief grilled it to perfection. Marilyn and I had the same thing and also the same sides, large house salad, balsamic dressing, and wonderful "twice baked" potato's. Unbelievable at $14.95. "Pelican Reef" is a favorite for several reason, food, price, service and the wonderful hospitality extended by the two couples who own the place. I have described it previously as a "Key West Seafood Bar" and they live up to that billing or a little more.

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