Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's not the Los Angeles Airport but rather the habit I have seem to develop, reference my Blog posting. Maybe it's of my rash statement that I was going to quite Blogging, which has since been reversed.
One of our Granddaughters has a Blog about her semester in Holland and so I feel obligated to put some things on mine, so she doesn't get ahead of me. Whose competitive.

Our latest new restaurant experience was at "Antonio's", 7165 Liberty Center Dr., West Chester, OH  phone 513-755-7242. Being and "in town" resident, with a view of the river, that was a log way out. Luckily we meet someone from Hamilton and so it was a division of driving.
"Antonio's" does not awe one with ambiance but the food is very good and substantial. I would recommend dining there, especially if you live in the vicinity or if it is "on your way"
Marilyn and I both had entree size portions. She the Veal Piccata which came sauteed in lemon butter, white wine and garlic and covered with sliced mushrooms. I went for the "Mediterraneo"  Pasta, Capellini tossed with roasted pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, Feta Cheese and green onions. Both of us we're well pleased. A side salad accompanied both meals. We will return if we're in the area.

Other spots, of late:
A return visit to "Ash" American Fare. For a wedge salad and Short Rib Fries, pulled beef rib meat mixed with a seasoned gravy and served over very thin french fries. Marilyn stuck with the broken Lasagna, which I have described previously.
"LongHorn" on Madison to the Rookwood Center. A chain, but a good value where we ordered dinner for 2 at a cost of $29.95 total. Both of us had a choice of salad, main dish ( I Salmon, M Steak), two sides each and a huge dessert, to be shared. To me the food is more than adequate and I was very pleased. Service, by the way, was a lot better than we have received at much more expensive places.
"Red Feather", again, good food, poor service. Losantiville CC which is easy and a couple of excellent meals at home