Sunday, November 25, 2007


As I have mentioned several times, although the main comments will be food related there are other parts in our lives. The last 8/9 days we have been very concerned with the health of our daughter. Things are improving and I'll now try to bring you up on gastronomical activities.

Some places in the last few weeks have been: Via Vita the Pietosi restaurant on Fountain Sq. We went there the first week it was open and I will reserve my feeling for a second visit, when their "act is together". Cheesecake Factory, in Kenwood. A large chain with equally large menu and portions. Full bar, with good sized drinks, street level entry( to bar and restaurant) and usually a wait for a table. Acceptable food and service, but still a chain. Skyline Chili, with ten family members, what more do I need say?
Thanksgiving we had a semi-prepared dinner from Kroger, the eve before, and one from Marilyn the actual day. You all know how I rated them. The Kroger dinner was sent by friends, a very nice gesture. The dinner comes in need of more preparation. Turkey must be cooked another hour and a half to two hours, plus gravy thawed along with frozen dressing. Potatoes microwaved, and they only come in one flavor, white and mashed. It also included pumpkin pie but no other items. To me there is much to much Sodium in everything, but it certainly is semi convenient.
Marilyn prepared whole roasted and stuff chickens. In the roasting pan she includes new potatoes, onions, green beans, lima beans, carrots and celery. The whole dinner is a one roasting pan meal which makes its own delicious gravy. She prepared excellent corn bread stuffing on the side. With that comes a wonderful hot fruit compote; apricots, prunes, pineapple, Mandarin orange sections and red unsweetened cherries. This dish is make by Joanne's husbands Mother. We also had condiments and slices of pecan pie.
We missed Joanne, our daughter, who spent the time in University Hospital but we'll make it up to her when she is well enough.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Sung Korean Bistro

Sorry it's been so long since I last posted anything. My reason is that we have been involved with pressing family matters. This is by way of explanation to my three readers who are not family.
A week, or so ago, I had lunch with a good friend at Sung Korean Bistro, 700 Elm St., Cincinnati 45202. The restaurant occupies the space that was previously occupied by Aoli. It has been redone in a very attractive Korean mode, stressing red, white and black.
The menu is reasonably sized, at lunch, with the Dinner menu slightly larger. Lunch is priced from about $9 to $14. There is full bar service and the entrance is at street level so easily negotiated for all.
My friend and I each had a lunch served in a black lacquer box. There were two fried, stuffed dumplings, two thin pieces of a a sushi roll, a helping of white rice and a Korean Bar-B-Qued meat of your choice. the cost was $10. Tofu can be substituted for the meat. As a side there were three small portions of marinated vegetables; a very spicy cabbage, crisp seaweed and marinated radish and carrot.
The food was hot, attractive and tasty. I'll return and try it for dinner, probably before a CSO concert.

Monday, November 12, 2007


The week of Nov.1 we drove to Chicago to attend the 18th SOFA show at Navy Pier. SOFA stands for Sculptured Objects Fine Art and is undoubted the largest "Art Glass" show in the US and possibly in the world. There are over 100 dealers represented and at least 18 countries.
As usual we "sponge" off our friends on the North Shore and so our "time off" is centered in that vicinity.
We spent all day Friday at the show but did manage to have a few evening meals with friends.
Thursday night we had a very pleasant dinner at "Prairie Grass Cafe" 601 Skokie Blvd, Northbrook, IL. 847-205-4433. Prairie Grass was in the south loop but escaped to the suburbs. The four of us shared 2 salad, one beet and the other Caesar, which were more than sufficient for starters. I had a wonderful main course of grilled homemade lamb sausage served on two large slices of grilled pumpkin which had been basted with Maple syrup. It was accompanied, on the same plate, with steamed spinach topped with a generous amount of goat cheese. A beautiful and delicious plate of colors and flavors.
Marilyn had excellent "Lake Superior White fish". The others had Pork Cutlet and Salmon.
The restaurant is in an office building and is handicapped accessible and has full bar service.
The next night we went to a Pizza Parlor, owned by friends of our hosts,. It is in the Ravenswood neighborhood. "Spaccanapoli",1769 W Sunnyside, Chicago, IL 60640, 779-878-2420. There were six of us and we were there early, around 6 PM. The place was full of families with babies on up. As first courses we shared 2, lovely, mixed green salads and a large plate of marinated seafood. We chose 3 pizza's from the menu and had extra toppings added to them. I did not find the pizza's anything out of the ordinary, even with the additions. The table shared 3 excellent deserts, Tartufo, Teramisu and Tuscan Chocolate Gelato. This plus 2 bottles of very good Chianti comprised the evening meal for the 6 of us. Total cost $225.
Next morning we hit Max and Benny's( see earlier report) for Breakfast. I had Corn Beef Hash, disappointing because it was ground not chopped, and Marilyn excellent Cinnamon Swirl French Toast.
We loaded the car with deli, for our Cincinnati children, and headed home. The aroma was with us all the way.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Off to Dayton

Sunday we were invited, by a sponsor, to visit the Roman Antiquity show at the Dayton Art Museum. The "center piece" of the exhibit are mosaics from a Synagogue found in Tunisia in the late 1800's by a French Army Captain, digging in his garden. The structure and art probably goes back to 300 to 400 CE. The mosaics are remarkably preserved and very "modern" in design and use of color. These, of course, are my uneducated comments.
After our tour we went to "The Paragon Supper Club",797 Miamisburg - Centerville Rd, Dayton, 45459,-937-433-1453. Our friends told us that the Paragon was founded by a Manager of "The Pine Club", who broke away, almost 30 years ago.
The Paragon decor looks to me like a Supper club should. Dark wood, leather, booths, tables and servers who have been there a long time and know their business. The menu is heavy on meat but has seafood and plenty of well prepared sides. I believe the "Pine Club" and Paragon are known for their steaks and trimmings.
I chose Calf's Liver, served with Onions and Bacon while Marilyn had Veal Piccata on Angel Hair, both were well prepared. We both started with a green salad with an excellent vinaigrette, supposedly an original from the "Pine Club". We also both chose creamed spinach, again very good, while my second side was stewed tomatoes, too sweet, and Marilyn's other was ,done just right, broccoli. Bread and rolls come with the meal. The Paragon has a full bar, from which we all had drinks to start our dinner, and is handicapped accessible.
For desert the table shared a large delicious hot fudge covered ice cream ball. The hot fudge was perfect in consistence, flavor and warmth. Total expenditure, $60 for the two of us including gratuity.
It was a very educational and pleasant day and we were home around 9 PM.

Hard to believe

Last night we went to dinner with a couple, who are good friends. The husband thinks that "foie gras" was a greater gift to mankind than the wheel. It goes without saying that it was back to Terry's where we had been only 24 hours previous.
Having had a large lunch at "Honey" with my UC class, outstanding bread pudding, I settled for a mushroom plate($9). Four different kinds of mushrooms, the Portabella stuffed with Bearnaise Sauce and Goat Cheese, very thinning, while the others had been sauteed and had a Balsamic reduction.
Marilyn had a wonderful marinated Tenderloin Sandwich with Fries.(Also $9).
Tonight we'll eat at home and Terry will just have to do without us. It's some bar.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Hot off the Grill

We have just walked in from a Hamburger at Terry's Turf Club, 4618 Eastern Ave. 45204-513-533-4222. This neighborhood bar is up 4 steps and so not handicapped accessible, but has a limited menu to go along with "full" bar service. It is owned and operated by Terry Carter, who did the same thing at Neon's for 17 years. Terry took over the location in March and operates a bright, clean and fun place for drinks and sandwiches from 5PM till 1AM.
Three of us went and enjoyed a very informal, friendly and reasonable dinner with several other customers, all interesting and younger than we, not a hard thing to find. We all had burgers with toppings, some included in the $5.50 price and some extra. It is the second place that I noticed that the French Fries were cut after ordered and prepared as requested; the table shared an order. We had "draft" beer and the total for the 3 was $28 dollars.
The most exotic topping was "foie gras" which adds $6 and comes grilled on top of the generous beef patty. The burger is well seasoned and you might like to try it plain on you first encounter.
Don't let the location scare you. It is safe, secure and a good spot for "foodies". You may meet some others at the next table or the bar.