Sunday, November 25, 2007


As I have mentioned several times, although the main comments will be food related there are other parts in our lives. The last 8/9 days we have been very concerned with the health of our daughter. Things are improving and I'll now try to bring you up on gastronomical activities.

Some places in the last few weeks have been: Via Vita the Pietosi restaurant on Fountain Sq. We went there the first week it was open and I will reserve my feeling for a second visit, when their "act is together". Cheesecake Factory, in Kenwood. A large chain with equally large menu and portions. Full bar, with good sized drinks, street level entry( to bar and restaurant) and usually a wait for a table. Acceptable food and service, but still a chain. Skyline Chili, with ten family members, what more do I need say?
Thanksgiving we had a semi-prepared dinner from Kroger, the eve before, and one from Marilyn the actual day. You all know how I rated them. The Kroger dinner was sent by friends, a very nice gesture. The dinner comes in need of more preparation. Turkey must be cooked another hour and a half to two hours, plus gravy thawed along with frozen dressing. Potatoes microwaved, and they only come in one flavor, white and mashed. It also included pumpkin pie but no other items. To me there is much to much Sodium in everything, but it certainly is semi convenient.
Marilyn prepared whole roasted and stuff chickens. In the roasting pan she includes new potatoes, onions, green beans, lima beans, carrots and celery. The whole dinner is a one roasting pan meal which makes its own delicious gravy. She prepared excellent corn bread stuffing on the side. With that comes a wonderful hot fruit compote; apricots, prunes, pineapple, Mandarin orange sections and red unsweetened cherries. This dish is make by Joanne's husbands Mother. We also had condiments and slices of pecan pie.
We missed Joanne, our daughter, who spent the time in University Hospital but we'll make it up to her when she is well enough.

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Reviewed: 11/27/2007

This new restaurant is a diamond in the rough. It has comfortable ambience, attentive service, excellent food, and is further along in its 3 months of existence than many restaurants are after 3 years. The owners are in attendance and serve most of the meals themselves. All staff members are attentive and there to make the customer feel at home. Bar offerings are extensive and nicely presented, menu is eclectic and well prepared. You won't make a mistake if you eat at Grandview Tavern and Grille.

Joe: Suzanne and I went there yesterday and liked it so much that I reviewed it for