Monday, November 5, 2007

Hot off the Grill

We have just walked in from a Hamburger at Terry's Turf Club, 4618 Eastern Ave. 45204-513-533-4222. This neighborhood bar is up 4 steps and so not handicapped accessible, but has a limited menu to go along with "full" bar service. It is owned and operated by Terry Carter, who did the same thing at Neon's for 17 years. Terry took over the location in March and operates a bright, clean and fun place for drinks and sandwiches from 5PM till 1AM.
Three of us went and enjoyed a very informal, friendly and reasonable dinner with several other customers, all interesting and younger than we, not a hard thing to find. We all had burgers with toppings, some included in the $5.50 price and some extra. It is the second place that I noticed that the French Fries were cut after ordered and prepared as requested; the table shared an order. We had "draft" beer and the total for the 3 was $28 dollars.
The most exotic topping was "foie gras" which adds $6 and comes grilled on top of the generous beef patty. The burger is well seasoned and you might like to try it plain on you first encounter.
Don't let the location scare you. It is safe, secure and a good spot for "foodies". You may meet some others at the next table or the bar.

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