Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Cleaning my desk

I sat down last night and started going thru the papers on my desk. There were half a dozen or more restaurant receipts, some of which I have written about and some I'm sure I haven't. I decided to take the cowards way out and just list them, with addresses and brief comments, in no particular order
Cumin-3520 Erie Ave,45208;513-871-8714. Continental with Indian Spices. Great food and service. One of our favorites. Be sure to ask about specials.
Hitching Post-2715 Madison Road-45209. Walk in fried chicken and other things, strip center, everyday, decent and very reasonable. We use it for "carry out" as much as "eat in".
Baigi'o Bistro-308 Ludlow Ave, 45220- Decent Italian in "Clifton", near the Esquire Theater.
Trio-Kenwood, 7565 Kenwood Road, 45236-513-984-1905. Good food, good service and the North Central crowd who us it as a home away from home.
Apsara-4785 Lake Forest Drive, Blue Ash, 513-554-1040. Large Asian. Good and spicy food. Unless it has changed you feel kind of lost in a very large restaurant with only a few tables full, you certainly can visit. The food is well prepared and served "hot" in both ways.
Walt's Hitching Post, 3300 Madison Pike, Ft. Wright, KY 41017. In my opinion the only place for ribs and certainly the place to take large groups for an informal time.
Vincenzo's-11525 Chester Road, 45246-513-771-0022. One of the better, cooked to order, Italian. Run by the Chef who cooked at the original "Germano's" when it was in the filling station on Route 4. Large menu, well prepared and worth the trip. In the "tri county" area.
JeanRo-413 Vine, 45202-513-621-1465. As close to a real "French Bistro" feel as we have in Cincinnati. One of Jean Robert's establishment. Full dinner or wonderful onion soup and something else, salad, steak tartare. We use a lot before another event. With downtown growing it is also becoming a neighborhood hang out for the condo crowd.

Now I feel better and the desk is clear of receipts. We'll have to go out soon again, maybe tonight.

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