Tuesday, October 9, 2007

On we go

We left Washington VA and the Middleton Inn, where we had Bedded and Breakfasted, Wed morning, Sept 26. After a beautiful drive thru the Virginia countryside we arrived in Washington. D.C. in time for lunch with Marilyn's nephew, a Washington lawyer, and his wife. They had chosen "Pesce" at 2016 P ST, NW just off DuPont Circle. Pesce is a seafood Bistro where the menu is presented by chalk board. Every thing is fresh and "big city reasonable". After a big dinner and breakfast I could have easily skipped lunch but instead settled on excellent Tuna Tartar. Marilyn opted for a green salad. We did taste the grilled sardine, which I had missed in Portugal, two years ago.
From D.C. we proceeded to Baltimore where we stoped at the Walters Museum before checking into the Hyatt-Regency at the "Inner Harbor". Our room on the 10th floor had a wonderful view and probably was the nicest room and bath combination of the whole trip.
That night we were entertained by Charles's current boss, John Erickson and his wife Nancy, in their 27th floor penthouse on a point between the Inner and Outer harbor. It was the second meal served by a Butler and prepared by a personal chef, the first being in Richmond. The main course was Beef Tenderloin, as John is a steak person. he is also a self made hugh success story. One of 14 children of a dirt poor laborer in Jasper Tenn. he has risen to head of "Retirement
Living" a builder and operator of retirement communities, 22 and counting, housing 2 to 3 thousand. Among other enterprises, RL also has a free standing TV network of which Charles is the VP for programing. They entertained 10 of us and it was a lovely evening.
Next morning Marilyn and I said goodbye and headed for Gettysburg PA. I have read some Civil War history but I wasn't prepared for the enormity of the area, 25 square miles, nor the scope, size and casualties of the battle. On advice of a women in the visitors center we took a three hour self directed tour, greatly aided by a recording we bought and played as we proceeded. The tour took over 3 1/2 hours for us to complete. The whole experience was enlightening and moving.
People ask how we find places to eat "on the road". As we spoke to the pleasant women in the visitors center book store she told us that hers was a good job for a retiree. I asked her where she lived and when she replied," in the area" I asked for her favorite eating place, food not ambiance. She recommended a restaurant between Gettysburg and Chambersburg, where we had reservations for the night. The restaurant, the "Caledonia Bistro" happened to be on our route. We hit the Bistro at around 4:45 which by our standard is a bit early. I went in, checked the menu, mostly Italian and seafood and asked the waiter to ask the Chef where we should eat in Chamberburg? The answer was "The Orchards" which became our dinner destination, why ask if you don't intend to follow advice? We checked into the Hampton Inn, which was a very nice well maintained Motel and after a bit took off for "the Orchards". The restaurant, at 1580 Orchard Dr. Chambersburg, PA, is quite large catering to individual groups and larger functions. The food was quite good, I finally got lump crab cakes as an entree but unfortunately management, in my opinion, made a major mistake in assigning a brand new waitress to our table and also a large private party in another room. Once again service put a damper on an otherwise very pleasant dinner. Marilyn chose a main course of steak, mushrooms and gnocchi. It was on of those magic dishes that grow with every bite and though it was very good it was more than we could handle, so more than half made the trip home in our cooler, a must when we travel, and feed us both Friday night.
We'll folks that is the end of marvelous week celebrating, sightseeing and most of all eating, so what else is new?

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