Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hungry? More about Morton's

Our server on our visit to the Bar, at Morton's, after the CSO, told us that they had a special running into November. Last night we returned to give it a try.
For $49.50 per person one receives a 4 course, 5 item, priced fixed meal. It consists of one of Morton's regular salads, which are excellent and Hugh, a "surf and turf", consisting of an eight ounce Fillet, prepared perfectly, and a seafood side, of your choice, either a lump crab cake, sauteed Scampi or Bacon wrapped scallops. A choice of one of the regular side items and dessert of either Key Lime Pie or molten chocolate cake with ice-cream. All items are first class quality and preparation. Nothing is small and all of us took part of our dinner home.
The main dining room is beautiful and the service very good. Drinks are expensive but the food in quality, preparation and price is a bargain.
The 3 sides chosen for our table were "Hash Brown potatoes", Creamed Spinach and roasted Asparagus. We all shared these three different items.
I have no idea how long the "special" will last but if you like steak, even just once in a while, it is a "special" you should enjoy. Reservations are necessary.

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