Sunday, October 21, 2007

A family's visit

Our Mendocino family,the Deerwaters, were with us for a week. Son, spouse and 2 Granddaughters age 16 and 13. The 16 year old went off on a side trip with her 18 year old cousin to visit another cousin at Washington University in St. Louis.
They flew "Skybus" from Oakland CA to Columbus and got here about midnight Wednesday a week ago, October 10. Thursday night 8 of us, Joanne and her family, all had dinner at "J.Alexanders" in Rookwood Mall, the Hamburgers and French Fries were a big hit, and then it was off to Othello at the playhouse, a full evening.
Friday after several museums"The Pirate exhibit" at the Museum Center and the CAC, downtown, they did a bit of shopping while Marilyn and I fixed dinner for the seven of us, Kathryn, the local cousin included. We treated them all to "fresh" Walleye, Wisconsin pan fried.
Saturday the 16 year old, Lilly, and Kathryn took off for St. Louis while we and the 3 remaining headed South to Berea KY. First stop was the Artisan Center, where many of the Kentucky craft people show their wares. Next a lunch at Boone Tavern, famous and decent food. They tasted "spoon bread' for the first time and thought they we're in foreign country, which they were. It was craft weekend in Berea and so it was late afternoon before we headed to "horse farm" country around Lexington and the on to Walt's Hitching Post, our favorite rib place, where we were met by one of our son's friends. Last item for the day was the CSO concert, which was wonderful.
Sunday morning it was Otto's, for brunch, hosted by Joanne's mother-in-law, and an afternoon of more sightseeing. Dinner here again with drops in's up till 9 PM as people returned from side trips.
Monday Marilyn worked while I took those in town to Marx Hot Bagels, in Kenwood for lunch and as many take home bagel's as they thought they could get in their luggage. They say they can't get Bagel's in their part of the West coast and had orders for several people. The balance of the afternoon was spent on shopping, what a women to do?
Monday night it was a fried chicken dinner, with all the trimmings at "The Greyhound Restaurant", 2500 Dixie Highway, Ft Mitchell, KY. There were ten of us and the Greyhound is great for large groups, especially ordering their set Monday and Tuesday "special", family style fried chicken dinner; including a half fried chicken each, green beans, cole slaw, mashed potatoes and gravy plus bisects, butter and honey.
Tuesday I had my class, at UC, while the Mendocino bunch took Joanne, and then we all meet at "Ingredients" at the Westin Hotel. At night while I went to a Joseph Co. Management Dinner, Marilyn put on a pasta and salad buffet, in our kitchen.
Wednesday morning the left with the Graeter's they had picked up the evening before; again you can't get that in Northern California.
We enjoyed having them here for a week and so did the Kentucky Restaurant Owners Association and the North American Pasta Retailers.

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