Sunday, October 28, 2007

Little Plates

I have always been told the Tapis means "little plates". I am not a student of Spanish so I have no idea if this is a correct translation or an easy way of explaining the meaning. Regardless, Travis Maier and his father Scott have opened "Seny" at 1544 Madison Road, across from St Francis De Salles Church, Cincinnati 45206-phone 513-221-7369( Travis runs the kitchen while Scott is in the front of the house and probably runs the Exchequer.
We went a couple of nights ago, with another couple, and found the place up, running and thriving. At 6:30 they were fairly full with a mixed and lively crowd.
The menu, which you can preview on their web site, is broken down into 4 parts. Three sections of Tapis, cold, hot and traditional, plus a smaller selection of full sized main entrees. We decided to order all of the Traditional, 7 in all, which was enough food for the four of us to have a couple of tastes of each selection. We left satisfied but not at all stuffed.
The dishes were. White Asparagus, with two dressings, a mixture of pureed chicken and ham rolled into a ball and deep fried to form a croquette, a Rioja Salad, Patatas Bravas( cubed potatoes, hash browned and served with a mildly spicy sauce), Tortilla( artichoke made into a patty and pan fried), Calamari with lemon, and Shrimp in a butter and red pepper mixture.
The dinner for four including drinks or wine was approximately $68.
The restaurant is cheerful and our service was very good. They opened Oct 11 and seem to have their act together.

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