Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Hard to believe

Last night we went to dinner with a couple, who are good friends. The husband thinks that "foie gras" was a greater gift to mankind than the wheel. It goes without saying that it was back to Terry's where we had been only 24 hours previous.
Having had a large lunch at "Honey" with my UC class, outstanding bread pudding, I settled for a mushroom plate($9). Four different kinds of mushrooms, the Portabella stuffed with Bearnaise Sauce and Goat Cheese, very thinning, while the others had been sauteed and had a Balsamic reduction.
Marilyn had a wonderful marinated Tenderloin Sandwich with Fries.(Also $9).
Tonight we'll eat at home and Terry will just have to do without us. It's some bar.

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