Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Big Week

It was a very big week at the feeding trough. Most were public, open to all, with cash or a valid credit card, but one or two were private.
Last Wednesday night was prime rib night at Losantiville Country Club(LCC). Marilyn and I, with our guest, took part. It was plate service and with the meat you had a choice or soup or salad and two sides. Both King and Queen size portions were served, the difference being 4 to 5 oz. All slices came covered with onion straws. Meat was cooked and served, as ordered and all sides were plentiful. The bar provided all kinds of beverages. Plenty to eat and a heavy stomach liner for the week to come.

Thursday, with another couple it was the "Oriental Wok" Regency where our friend Guy Burgess, the excellent chef, had ordered fresh "soft shelled" crabs from his supplier, at our request.
We started with spring rolls and a divided Scallion Pancake, eight pieces of a flat bread encasing chopped scallions and spices. The crabs came both sauteed or fixed in a Chinese manor having been covered with corn starch, before deep frying and then covered with diced vegetable and a very light spicy sweet sauce. I had the Chinese preparation.
Everyone left quite satisfied.

Saturday, after lunch at the Cincinnati Art Museum Terrace Cafe, good food at a reasonable price, we and two friends had dinner at "Ruth's Parkside Cafe"  4101 Spring Grove Ave. It was our second trip and the place was full, turning their tables, at least, three times that evening. The food is good, plentiful (except the pie) and reasonable. My "bone in" pork chop was excellent. Seasoned well  and served with a wine reduction over a helping of mashed sweet potato. The plate was finished with marinated spinach leaves. Marilyn stuck with a large house salad and her favorite, pasta with meat sauce.

Sunday Brunch at the outstanding "Orchids" in the Netherlands Plaza down town. To quote Tom Gill "why in the world would you go anywhere else". The senior brunch is $24.95 and is enough for the whole day and the night. Everyone does not eat in the quantity that I do, but there are even a few who eat more. All at our table had 3 plates; one breakfast items, the second lunch and the third dessert, from excellent pastry chef.
Hospitality and service are the finest we find in the City.
Oh yes, my first plate was eggs Benedict, country pate, croissant, chilled shrimp( firm and sweet) smoked salmon, and cherry crisp, my fruit compote. Second plate, fried chicken drum stick, whole duck leg with ratatouille, and cheese grits, with bacon. Dessert included, two bite sized pieces of lemon tart, brown sugar, butter cake, "rocky road brownie with roasted marshmallow and tiramisu. Enough!!
That night we had a standing date, I wish we were standing, and we all went to "Zips Cafe", which I am never sure whether it is public or or private with just all the same people. A bowl of chili was sufficient.

Last night "Greyhound Tavern" 2500 Dixie Highway, Ft Mitchell KY 859-331-3767. We all started with a drinks and their Hugh onion rings followed by the perennially good Fried chicken "family style dinner". Chicken, mashed potato's, gravy, green beans, Cole slaw and biscuits. Always good and more sides available, upon request.

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