Thursday, April 19, 2012

Standard 10 days

I'm not sure that there is a lot of value in posting the things we do unless I have something special to report or a cogent comment on some place that makes my writing and your reading worth the time.
I'll put on new places or special meals but just to tell you we average about 3 nights out a week isn't anything worth reporting.
Any way here is what we did since last adding to the Blog.

April 10, dinner at the "Oriental Wok" Hyde Park. Guy Burges again suggested an item or two and I followed while Marilyn didn't. She stuck with Pad Thai, which they do very well, while I had Guy's recommendation of beef with a Chinese green( name unknown) and black mushrooms. Tasty, Crunchy and filling. I always enjoy putting myself in the chef's hands.

April 13, Cafe Mediterranean- 9525 Kenwood Rd. (513) 745-9386. This is our 4th or 5th visit and the food and service remain excellent. Our table of 4 split a "Sampler", 5 or 6 cold appetizers, and then the "other wife" and I split the grilled whole Pompano. I have had grilled fresh fish there several times and never been disapointed. The restaurant has no liquor license so we always bring our own wine, which they handle beautifully.

April 15, "Maggianos" in Kenwood Plaza. A pleasent evening with very decent, fairly standard, Italian fare. Marilyn had Spaghetti with meat sauce while I had "angle hair" with fresh clams( more that enough for two meals). We split a "side salad" and since I love salads I was left wanting more.

April 18, "Enoteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road (513) 834-5773. They are still doing a bang up job and on the week nights the tremedous crowd seems to have subsided.
The two of us split 3 dishes: a full Caesar Salad (quite enough), "Quattro Formaggi", as the name implies a 4 cheese, white pizza with sliced mushrooms added( a nice touch) and an order of Cauliflower flourets, grilled with a touch of anchovie and lemon. We were all most pleased with the food and the whole experience.

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