Monday, April 9, 2012

Slow Week

After a week on the road and also getting prepared for the Easter and Passover weekend we stayed pretty close to home during the last 7 days. We did have one night out and on Easter started with a restaurant visit before moving on to several Easter events. So here is where we went and what we ate.

Thursday night 4 of us went to "Nectar" 1000 Delta Ave. 513-929-0525. There were very few others in attendance and so our table was able to mix and match under Julie Francis's direction. I had an excellent Vishyssoise, creamy and beautifully seasoned. Julie finely chopped some house curred salmon and made an island of this protein in the middle of the bowl. Next came one Cornmeal Crepe filled with fresh asparagus( it's the season and they are everywhere) and several soft creamy cheeses. The top was decorated with slivered spinach leaves and parsley. All was finished under a broiler and the crepe arrived hot and golden.
My last "small plate" was a house made tamale, the cornmeal roll stuffed with a chopped lamb sausage. A mole sauce was the bed on which this rested.
Others had the cornmeal crepes(2) as a main course or either chicken or fish. There were either one or two salads and an 'amuse bush"( crostni lathered with seasoned, hummus and laced with fresh asparagus) for the other three which was served while I enjoyed with my soup.

Easter morning Dim Sum at "King Wok" 203 West McMillan 513-723-1999. We have been eating Dim Sum around the Cincinnati area with another couple for the last couple of years. Usually we venture to the "burbs" but the other couple, who are our guides, because of their China experience, had tried "King Wok" and pronounced it the best of the region. It has two great advantages: in the city, near both of us, and all items are "cooked to order" and served individually hot from the kitchen. Other spots peddle their wares from carts. Also it is extremely reasonable. The patrons were less Asia than at other Dim Sum restaurants as it's proximity to UC populates this spot with students and their friends. The table shared 6 items, pork buns, pineapple buns, two different shrimp dishes, roasted tofu and a chive dumpling. The food was all tasty although my favorite was one of the shrimp dishes in which the scampi were encases in crispy noodles. Hot tea started us on an upbeat Easter.

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