Thursday, May 31, 2012

Before Maine

This is just a recap of places we ate before we went to Maine over the Memorial Day weekend. As I mentioned in the preceding posting the Maine trip was for our Granddaughter's Graduation from Bates College in Lewiston. These places and meals are just a listing to clear my file.
"The Precinct"( Steak House)  Delta and Columbia Parkway, Cincinnait. Split the usual 14 oz Strip Steak and Wedge Salad plus normal sides( baked potato, onion straws) with Marilyn. Good standard "Precinct" Dinner.
"Bonefish Grill"  Edwards Road and Madison Road, Cincinnati. Marilyn had excellent Orange Roughy which is not seen too often on Cincinnati menus, it was a treat. I had 2 soft shelled crabs, instead of the menu offering of 1 crab stuffed with a small crab cake. The choice for me was the correct one.
"Enocteca Emilia" 2038 Madison Road, Cincinnati. Usual good wine, food, service and menu items. For me that evening it was a Caesar Salad, Meatball Sliders, with red sauce, and a slice of Marilyn's 4 cheese Pizza; before our whole table devided the delightful Ricotta Fritters, with Chocolate Sauce and Orange Marmalade.
"Saigon Cafe" 3672 Erie Ave. Cincinnati. Marilyn has discovered "Banh Xeo" a Thai omelet with bean sprouts, shrimp and scallions in an extreamly light egg wrap. She and I split this winner for a first course. She followed with Pad Thai and I with Sushi for a very pleasent dinner.
Nothing new or unusual but now the slate is clear and I'm ready to see what the next few days bring.

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