Tuesday, June 5, 2012


"Bakersfield" 1213 Vine St. Cincinnati 45202 (513) 579-0444 is a new spot for us but not for the throng of patrons 20 to 50 years younger. It is in the new "restaurant row" on Vine St. in OTR ( Over the Rhine). This is number 6 or 7 in the two block area just north of the Ensemble Theatre.
Last night, at 6:30, there was a half hour wait for seating for four.
The small menu is built around Tacos but several salads and sandwiches are available. Chips and Guacamole and one or two other Mexican "bar staples".
Our table split an excellent Short Rib sandwich, which included braised short rib, caramelized onions, chihauhau cheese and roasted tomatillo salsa, served on a telera roll. We also had 6 of the seven Tacos, only excluding the Rajas (portobello). That gave us 2 Pork, 1 Chicken, 1 Fish, 1 Short Rib, and 1 corn truffles. All were attractive to the taste as well as the eye.  Beer, wine and Margaritas were the main stays in the liquid department.
Fun place, good food and certainly a different evening. Incidentally our meal, including tip was approximately $25/per.

Since last writing others, as usual were: "Cumin" ( Marilyn and I split a Rack of Lamb, which I washed down with a wonderful Cote du Rhone), "Otto's" (FGT- Fried green Tomato's and for me soft shelled crabs) and "Oriental Wok" ( Appetizers, Sesame Shrimp-scampi sized, Scallops and Pad Thai, everything split with others).

Now we're off to the West Coast till after July 1. We'll see what we can find and report.

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