Monday, July 16, 2012

Home again

We were gone for almost a month and when we returned we volunteered for the World Choir Games and so have been very tardy about posting. Reporting on West Coast eating places only serves a few who read this and happen to live there or travel as we did.
I will mention some spots we enjoyed so if any of you are following in our footsteps you'll have a name as a starting point.
Ashland OR (Oregon Shakespeare Festival)
"Morning Glory"-excellent breakfasts and lunch
"Thai Pepper"- Asian, get a table overlooking the creek
Mendocino-Ft.Bragg area
""Libby's Restaurant" Philo, CA- homemade Mexican
"Chapter and Moon"-Ft.Bragg CA-Noyo Harbor- fresh seafood and salads
"Herons By the Sea"-Ft. Bragg CA-Noyo Harbor-ditto
Eugene OR
"Off the Waffle"-store front- just what the name implys, waffles you can imagine
"Cafe Marche"- excellent dinner spot
"Sweet Life Patisserie"-a wonderful bakery that is perfect for dessert( by the slice) and coffee
Seattle WA
"Coterie"- fairly expensive but most interesting food and wine
"Toulouse Petite"-huge, wondeful menu for all three daily meals, especially breakfast and lunch
Delta(Mason) WI
"Delta Diner"- Nowhere, but a Chicagoian gave up the financial business nine years ago and moved to the "north woods" to run a place Jane and Michael Stern should visit. It's about 7 miles south of Iron River WI but doubt that any of you, except family, will make the treck, even though it's worth it.

I'll get back to Cincinnati area in the next blog.

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