Monday, July 23, 2012

Some thoughts

We go out a lot, probably 4 to 5 nights a week. It's our social life and a good chance to visit with friends. However I do like to eat at home and Marilyn and I share both the planning and cooking, I am a combiner of items while she is more of a purist.
Recently field ripened tomato's have come to the farmers market and consiquentially these have been front and center on our menus. Today I bought cucumbers which Marilyn will marinate, in the Danish fashion, and we will add some slices of sweet onion before we serve this, chilled, over fresh tomato slices.
Yesterday I used some of the same onions as an addition to our Sunday morning scrambled eggs. I chop and saute the onions, until brown, in butter with a touch of Worcestershire and a pinch of herbs. After I pour in the eggs, usually more whites than whole, I douse the concoction with a good helping of grated Parmesan Cheese. Cook till almost firm and remove pan from the heat which allows the eggs to firm up as they are placed on the plate.
I've also found that eating my dry cereal, bulk Granola and Fiber One, with peach or raspberry Yogurt makes a delious breakfast and more than satisfies my sweet tooth.

Oh yes, we have eaten a couple of meals out since last posting. One at "Parkers Blue Ash Tavern" 4200 Cooper Road 45242 (513) 891-8300  a neighborhood stand-by for the Blue Ash area and a very passable lunch or dinner spot. While Marilyn had the house Cheeseburger I experimented with the Caesar Salad topped with a good sized helping of deep fried Calamari. Filling but not too healthy if one is watching intake of fat or salt.
Another night we went to "Maggiano's Little Italy" in the Kenwood shopping Center. We used our head and split a large chopped salad and an order of Veal Marsala. As most of you know "Maggiano's" is a chain but their food is quite acceptable. The chopped salad, a mixture of head lettuce and romaine contains also chopped tomato's, cheese, bacon bits and avocado. The dressing is light but slightly spicy and refreshing. The Veal order contained 3 medalions, easily splitable, and a large amount of buttom mushrooms. There is enough, nicly seasoned wine sauce, to well moisen the angel hair pasta with which the veal is served. A pleasent, reasonable dinner and not at all bad for a chain.

I've rambled enough so I'll call Marilyn and get the "spell checked" before it's posted.

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