Saturday, November 9, 2013


When I was very young my family, including my Aunt and Uncle, and off spring, would go on Thursday nights to a road house just south of Hamilton Ohio. It rested alongside the traction line that ran from Cincinnati to Hamilton. Their specialty was a family style Fried Chicken dinner with wide thick noodles, in egg gravy, cole slaw etc. If memory serves me correctly it was $1.50 for adults and 75 cents for us young ones.
This was in the mid 1930s and I have no idea what inflation, alone, would make that price today, if the establishment was still there. "Greyhound Tavern" is currently $14.95, for somewhat similar fare.

This week we went to "Trio Bistro" in Kenwood. I ordered the "special" which was excellent. Grouper lightly coated with a cranberry sauce( not jellied) and grilled. It rested on a bed of pureed sweet potatoes with a pineapple salsa and candied pistachio nuts. It was a delightful combination and was priced at $32.00. There was a nice sized side salad for accompaniment. This plus a $10 glass of white wine made a fine dinner but took me back almost 80 years for a  price comparison.

Most of our "eating out" since my last posting has been either at homes or at benefits and since I don't think it is a food reporters prerogative to report on private affairs I chose not to. I will comment that at one of the benefits a caterer came with up an Indonesian "rice table" with number of additives. It was something special and a treat.

The other spot we have been visiting, with more regularity is "Zula" 1400 Race St. OTR ( Over the Rhine). It is especially convenient before performances at Music Hall. I have been very pleased with the food and service at this year old spot. Last Saturday night Marilyn and I split a Baby Romaine Salad, crisp but slightly salty, if your watching Sodium intake, a more than ample Mushroom Flat bread and a main of Walleye, grilled with skin on. Dessert was a red raspberry Masala Cake, perfect. I combined my meal with a Glass of Riesling for a terrific pre-concert dinner. Total cost, less tip $68.

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