Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Around Cincinnati

We are blessed to live in an area with many good eating places. The "price points" go from high to very reasonable, but none of these approach those in other Metropolitan Areas, although our selection and quality certainly does.
I don't intend to lump all our eating habits into one large category, however, for convenience I'm going to comment on some of the places we have been in the last 30 days.

The Precinct, 311 Delta Ave(corner of Columbia Parkway), 45226-phone 513-321-5454. So much has been written about this 25 year old standby, Jeff Ruby's first "Steak House" that listing items, decor etc. is extraneous. I must say that the service, and personal attention to customers requests is outstanding. Marilyn and I go 4 to 6 times a year and we are greeted and served in an exemplary manner. Ruby, his managers and trainers have done a excellent job in making sure his staff goes"all out" with everyone, regardless of number of visits, tip size or occasion for the visit. Hat's off to them.

Glendale Gaslight Grille, 1140 Congress Ave, Glendale-513-771-8658. The Tri-County area. A very pleasant place for lunch and dinner in an informal atmosphere. The food is a level above "bar food" or "tavern fare' with daily specials and a rather extensive menu. They have a full bar and the place is family friendly, although most of the customers are groups of neighbors or repeaters.
The Tomato Bisque is outstanding and as good as I can find North of Otto's. Whatever I have ordered, I have been satisfied and you should be able to find something to fit your taste and appetite. Price range $8 to $20 for very good food.

Pelican's Reef, 7261 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, 45230-513-232-2526. To me the best description is a "seafood bar". Large full service bar, scrubbed wooden tables, both high an regular, condiments and napkins, actually a roll of paper towels, on the table and a mixed age, jovial crowd. The owner is in the kitchen and his wife handles the "front of the house". The servers, backed up by management and all agreeable and make one feel very much at home.
The menu, as you could guess, is heavy on seafood with a lot of it fried but there is no trouble getting things broiled, baked or sauteed. There are often raw oysters, always boiled and chilled shrimp, several choices of salads and plenty of options if you want to stay away from fried. The seasonal fresh corn on the cob, the other night, was excellent. However to my taste some fried seafood with beer out of a bottle will not shorten my life, if done in moderation, as the medical people say. Usually we end up spending between $15 and $22 per person depending on hunger and thirst.

Speaking of hunger; it's lunch time so I'll stop for now but continue in this vain the next time.

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