Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King,Jr.

In the late 1950's and early 1960's, when we lived in St. Louis we were members of "Temple Israel". Dr. King was a guest speaker, on one occasion. When we arrived the usual ushers, temple members, had been replaced by "crew cut", young, burly men who turned out to be FBI and plain clothed police.
Dr. King was stirring, up until the time a bomb threat was called in and the building had to be emptied. Today, as always, on this holiday, that is my personal memory.
Now on to "eating out".
Friday night we went for, the second time, in 30 days to "The Summit" at Cincinnati State. It has always been a pleasant and interesting experience. Our companions had heard about the culinary school and their restaurant and that was the driving force behind the visit. My dinner was very good, as has been my experience, but the high point of the visit was a long visit with Matt Winterrowd, Chef de Cuisine. Not only did he comment on the dishes we had had, Sweetbreads, as a starter,( one of my favorite's and beautifully plated on pomegranate aspect) and an Asian preparation of Florida Red Snapper, but he spent a great deal of time telling us about the course of instruction, the career path for students, and the new food technologies. An informative and delightful evening for we foodies.
The night before we had made the drive to "Northside" and "Honey"4034 Hamilton Ave. 513-541-4300. "Honey" does not take reservation but I have never had trouble being seated promptly on a week night. Shoshannah Hefner is one of my favorites. Her interesting menu and excellent food preparation make a trip to this restaurant a treat. Thursday night I had my usual Bombay, although I have to settle for Sapphire instead of regular, my preference, before and outstanding main course of "rock bass" on a citrus bread pudding. This was accompanied with a glass of white wine and a taste of a shared desert, a home made chocolate chip cookie sandwich filled with ice cream of one's choice. Marilyn had ordered the beef short ribs but the kitchen asked if baby back ribs, with the same preparation, was a satisfactory substitute. It was.
Earlier in the week we joined a younger couple, most of our friend are, at "Palomino" 505 Vine St. 45202 phone 513-381-1300 . We had not been there in several years and although the menu is extensive a lot of the items remain the same. Regular Bombay, a roasted clam appetizer, for the table, and a seafood Louie salad was my dinner. The salad consisted of shredded iceberg and romaine lettuce, some poached asparagus, a half of a deviled egg, and mounds of shredded crab, bay shrimp and a small, prepared to order, fillet of salmon. The salad appeared to me to have no dressing and when I asked, our server, who was only fair, he told me that a vinaigrette was in the bottom of the bowl, as it was. The dressing was a surprise to me as a Louie salad comes with a 1000 island or Russian type dressing. Live and learn. The food was certainly acceptable but in no way outstanding. Lively place, decent food and service.
Since writing last we have also visited "Virgil's Cafe" 710 Fairfield Ave, Bellevue KY 41073, 859-491-EATS with our 20 year old Granddaughter, for lunch and "Bonefish Grill" Madison Road and Edwards for a dinner with friends. "Bonefish" besides their regular menu always have 3 or 4 specials, which change from time to time. A new addition is Linguine with fresh Clams which I found most enjoyable. I always like their Bonefish salad, especially the fact that it comes cold, with a very good citrus vinaigrette. "Bonefish" remains a well run seafood chain operation. Reasonable, reliable and in the "hood".

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