Thursday, November 18, 2010

Catching up

There is no way that I can put detailed comments on all the places we have been since we returned from the East, Oct 28 and Chicago, Nov. 7. Nor even mention them all. Therefore this is a poor attempt to list some that seem to me to have something new or slightly different to report.
In Chicago we have found a new, to us, Rib place in the Northern suburb of Highland Park, IL. I'm sure anyone really interested can use the web to get location and all the other info one might desire, on this or any place I mention.
"Ravinia Grill", Highland Park IL, competes favorably with any ribs, pork( baby back) or beef, that we have had anywhere. Everyone has his or her favorite but we were partial to "Walt's Hitching Post"( Wilder KY) and felt a loss when they went out of business. "Ravinia" has taken there place, and may be better, but over 300 miles is a long drive for a wonderful rib dinner.
"The Precinct", just down the hill, at Delta and Columbia Parkway, continues to be our neighborhood restaurant and our personal top "Jeff Ruby" establishment. Over solicitous servers and hosts, not withstanding, the food is great and they are overly kind to "small spenders".(If you order very lightly, or split a small amount remember your server works for a living and lives off tips. The average cover in an upscale steak house is well over $50 a head.)
"La Mexicana" 642 Manmouth St. Newport KY 41071 (859) 261-6112 is probably the closest to real Mexican food around the area, except for a Mexican family home cooked dinner. The small soft Taco's come with about 15 different choices of ingredients. Even though it often makes my companions turn a bright green I usually have tripe, tongue or some other exotic, to most, meat. I have not been overly enamored of their tamales, to much corn meal to little stuffing and flavor. Be careful of the red hot sauce unless you really like "heat"
"Pelican's Reef" Beachmont Ave in Anderson Township besides have interesting( especially the "specials") well cooked and presented seafood's have at least 3 great homemade desserts. Key Lime Pie, Peanut butter Pie with chocolate topping and an eclair cake( to me it is like Boston Cream Pie) all made either "in house" or by a friend and delivered daily. I have not been in the habit of saving room for dessert, there, but that is about to change. The "Reef" remains very reasonable and extreemly pleasent and friendly.
"Jean Robert's Table" 713 Vine St. (513) 621-4777 remains the "hot spot" with the local, eating out crowd. We have been there on both a Saturday night and a Wednesday, at about an hour later. Saturday at 8:30 was a mad house, Wednesday at 9:30 was excellent. Prompt but not obtrusive service, very reasonably priced libations and food served hot and prepared beautifully, to order. As the floor management says, "everyone and their friends want to come on Saturday night, so don't if you can help it". I doubt that one has to be as late as 9:30 on a week night to be seated promptly and served attentively.
"Hugo" 3235a Madison Road (513) 321-4846. Remains a quiet, pleasant environment, at least during the week. I hope they make, it but their pricing seems to be on the high end for the portions and selections. The are attentive and there are no complaints on the food preparation but to me the value is not as great as other places we choose., and the menu is not "that" outstanding.
We have been to "La Poste"( which took over "Tinks" space), at 3410 Telford, Clifton several times and have been please with service and food. The mushroom Ravioli, Cheese Fritters, rack of Lamb and good sized salads are worth a mention and a try.
I believe that this sort of sizes up some of the spots we have hit in the last few weeks. A couple were for lunch but most have been evenings out with friends. Waist line not withstanding I'll post more as we get back into our routine. Good to be home.

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