Sunday, May 1, 2011

Places and comments

In no particular order here are some spot, all in the Cincinnati area, we visited in April since our return from the Cruise.

"The Precinct" Columbia Pkwy and Delta 321-5454. Always dependable with good food, service and management. They are nice as can be when we split a steak, potato and onion rings. Drinks are small and expensive but at least that should keep one away from DUI's.

"Indigo" 2637 Erie Ave 321-9952. Went the other night with a young Mother and her 7 year old twins. That seems to be the crowd that "Indigo" attracts, although that night the 7 year olds were slightly on the high side for children in attendance. I'm not a fan of their food. Little flavor or seasoning. Pizza was fair ( I had one slice which I doctored with extra cheese and red pepper flakes), Apple Walnut Salad decent but fairly expensive at $14 and dressing was overly sweet( no Balsamic vinegar). Marilyn's Tomato Pasta( they don't have spaghetti which is strange with the number over very young who thrive on "white spaghetti") close to tasteless. We hardly ever go and you can see why.

"Trio" 7565 Kenwood Road 984-1905 Lunch for 3 at a $66 cost, which to me is on the expensive side. Marilyn had a cup of soup and a half Cobb Salad ; our guest Caesar Salad with Ahi Tuna and Diet Coke and I a Groper Ruben. I had noticed the price increases the last time we had dinner there but this $22/person including tip didn't resemble Cincinnati pricing. The place still draws a crowd so I probably have to adjust my thinking. Food is good but not remarkable.

"The Quarter Bistro" 6904 Wooster Pike, Mariemont (513) 271-5400. The place is "jumping". Lively, fairly young crowd, to us ( but we're ancient) but service remains good and food comes out promptly and in most cases hot. I had another Apple and Gorgonzola Salad, this one with crisp Belgium Endive and a nice complimentary dressing, $7, and a main course of fish Tacos ($14) in which I found the fish slightly chewy and dry. The other items in the Taco were enough that I enjoyed the soft Taco's with some of the fish removed. Marilyn had a rich, if somewhat salty, Mushroom Pizza with plenty of cheese and mushrooms.

"Otto's" 521 Main St. Covington KY 859-491-6678. I'm not objective and admit it, being too involved with Paul and Emily. It was during Passover and we brought our own box of Matzo. Martini's were on special so my Bombay, with no Vermouth, was only $5. Marilyn had her usual Duck but since I was fighting a cold and loss of appetite I had and order of Fried Green Tomato's, which I dearly love for their crispness and flavor, and an Iceberg Wedge Salad, filling enough.

There you have a rundown with my personal feelings. There is a place for comments, if one is so inclined.

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