Saturday, March 9, 2013

This and that

We have just returned for the Wine Festival auction and luncheon at the Netherlands. The auction raised a tremendous amount of monies, for the charities they support, and the lunch, executed by Todd Kelly was up to the #1 Restaurant's usual standards.
Three courses, beautifully presented, all with matching wines (my head has a slight buzz as I type). Todd served: Kataifi-Wrapped Shrimp on a bed of Eggplant Puree, Roasted Red Peppers and Chevre balls rolled in Pistachios.This was followed with Duck Breast, rare, with Ginger Scented Carrots bathed in Maderia Sauce. Finally a Chesse Course of Valseon with Port Wine Fig Puree and Bucheron with Almond Brittle. A light mid-day repast.

We have been home often, but also out a fair amount. Dinners have all been at usual spots. "Enicota Emilia", "Pelican's Reef", "Gordo's" (I think we're done with this Norwood bar and burger joint, as we like others much better for this combination) "Nectar" (Always novel, interesting and pleasing to my taste. The other night I had wonderful short rib Taco's and a shrimp dish, with a tomato sauce laced with chocolate, and accompanied by a quinoa cabbage slaw. Now that is my kind of adventurous eating.)

Thursday night we took and eclectic group ( Priest, Trainer, Volunteer) to, in our opinion, the best Lebanese Restaurant in the area. Another rave for "The Phoenician Taverna" on Mason-Montomery Road near the large P&G office complex. Our route always takes us to "Costco", to stock our ladder, before or after our meal. We all shared "maza", hot and cold appetizer's ( a favorite is the Kibbi with eggplant salad and yogurt sauce) and then tackled the outstanding lamb shanks in a light tomato sauce along with a chicken dish and a stuffed meat pie entree and Mediterranean salad.

So here in a very brief version is where we have been and what we have done. Nothing really new but almost all most satisfying.

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