Saturday, August 3, 2013

Catching Up

This is my first try at a Post since the "site" became non-operational. It's been almost a month and so all I am going to try to do is get "up to speed" and cover a few places and thoughts that, to me, are meaningful.

We have had several evenings at "Sotto" 114 East 6th St. I like the food but find the front part of the restaurant very noisy, not that any location is quiet. Also since there are very few additions to the menu going in a close time frame make selections somewhat difficult. Some of our favorites are the Zucchini, Brussels Sprout, Short rib Pasta, Spaghetti in Olive Oil and the chicken and two fish dishes, Cod and Salmon.

"Nectar Restaurant" 1000 Delta Ave served us outstanding Gravlax, as and appetizer and also a main dish, and "awesome" Gnocchi as another main. As all know it is one of the many, chef run places that make the area proud.
We have eaten several meal, outside, in this gorgeous weather, at "Brew River GastroPub" 2062 Riverside Dr. The menu is interesting with a trend towards the New Orleans and Cajun pallet. Watch out for the pickles embedded in the grilled cheese sandwich.

One of the weeks we drove to northern Wisconsin and Michigan, to see family and friends. I don't expect any of you to follow, our trail, but we had an excellent meal in Madison, WI at "Johnny Delmonico's"; a great Friday night "fish fry" ( perch and Walleye) at the "Deep Lake Lodge" in  Iron River, WI and a terrific lunch, much nearer, in Ann Arbor, MI at "Zingermans Delicatessen. One of the better deli's in the Midwest.

A new spot for us was "Main Bite" 522 Main St. Covington KY, where on another beautiful evening we enjoyed drinks, mini-head lettuce salads and flat breads, one Rubin and the other Mediterranean. It was not outstanding but it was pleasant, fun and reasonable.

Our usual spots have not lacked seeing us: "Enoteca Emilia", "Cumin" ( not impressive)  "Primavista" (good but not exciting nor cheap), "Oriental Wok" and one or two for lunch that that don't rate a particular mention.

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