Thursday, February 27, 2014

Lauren and Keith

No, it's not a book title, a soap opera or a movie but rather the names of two individuals who made our dinner, at "Otto's" last night, a blast. Both said that they had never seen their name on the Blog( not many do) and that it would be the highpoint of their day. Their days must be pretty full of the ordinary.
Lauren, our server, is 7 months pregnant with her second child while Keith, who turned out to be our host thanks, again), is the head of the David J Joseph Co. and Executive VP of Nucor Steel. Both are good friends and good company.
The meal, as most usually are, was terrific with the outstanding Fried Green Tomato's, a half priced bottle of Cote de Rhone and Salmon for Kieth, Tile Fish for me and Duck for Marilyn. As I have said before,"it's home away from home".

Since I am posting infrequently, I keep a few reminder of some of the places we eat and will list them in no particular order, with a comment or two if warranted.
"Holy Grail"- the Banks. Upon recommendation of some of the Police Offices, we see while working at the Visitor Center, on Fountain Square, we went on a Monday night to try their hamburger. I would say that our friends are better Police Officers than food critics. We did find the Ruben Wonton very interesting. An egg roll shaped tube, deep fried and stuffed with corned beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, all drizzled with 1000 island dressing. The "Holy Grail" holds about 250 but Monday the crowd was 10 plus more than that many TV screens.

Return visits to: "Embers" bar on Thursday night where all food on the Bar Menu is half price and where salads easily serve two.
"Phoenician Taverna" in Mason where after the excellent Maze( small appetizers portions, I had the usual Vegetarian Sampler and Marilyn the wonderful Lamb Shank.
"The Quarter Bistro", Mariemont. Salmon for Joe, Lobster Ravioli for Marilyn
"Pelican's Reef",Beechmont. Seafood Gumbo, Fried Oysters, Fish Taco's shared all around. Patti Brochure, the "hostess with the mostess".
"Wurst Bar", Mt. Lookout Square. Now here is a real Hamburger with all the upscale trimmings. "Long Green Things" are great grilled asparagus.
"Red Feather", Oakley. A second visit proved that the first wasn't a fluke. Asian Hot buns with pork belly, marinated cucumber slices, bean sprouts and sauce; Beet salad and Gnocchi and Marilyn had wonderful chicken and shared our Bread pudding.

Thanks for the love note Lauren, even if my Credit card was no good, last night.

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