Thursday, May 31, 2007

Maribelle's Tavern

Once upon a time there was a "bikers bar", The Dew Drop Inn, on Eastern Ave. Times change, street names change and Gentrification comes to some locations.
Eastern Ave. is now Riverside Drive, how swanky can you get, the "bikers" are now empty Nestors, business people and pro Athletes and the Dew Drop Inn is now Maribelle's Tavern, still across the street from Verdin Bell.
It was purchased by some "Procter" people who have turned it into a pleasant spot for lunch or light dinner. The ambiance is quite nice and the food is decent and mid price range $7 to $17 with the same menu at lunch and dinner, plus specials. The chief cook was in the kitchen at the Heritage either # 2 or #3. Not the dishwasher.
I put it here for those of you who like to also have a selection including non meat dishes and lighter fare. They have a full Bar and dinning on a patio, if you don't mind the weather and some traffic, on what ever the street is called when you go.
The main dinning room is upstairs and seats approximately 50. It is casual, not to nosey, bright and clean, but not handicapped accessible. A good place to meet people who live Downtown or to stop on the way home from Downtown, especially if you live on the East side
Address and phone number for Maribelle's Tavern: 2062 Riverside Drive, or Eastern Ave, take you choice, Phone 513-861-2484
They are closed on Mondays, and I'm not sure about Sundays. Yesterday I had an interesting Veggie Cobb Salad.
At least I'm in Cincinnati this time.

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