Saturday, June 2, 2007


On the western hill, overlooking the valley and the city, sits Primavista, 810 Matson Place, Cincinnati,OH,45204. Phone 513-251-6467. It is not the easiest place to drive for dinner, but the view and the food are well worth the effort. The building used to be the "Queen's Tower" and it still maybe, although it is being converted and upgraded. The restaurant is on the ground level and is handicapped accessible.
The other night when Marilyn and I, and one of our older couple friends, went for dinner, I was worried because less than half of the tables were taken. However the food was quite good and the service very pleasant.
Recommending any restaurant is risky. It is always a mater of taste but Primavista is one of our favorites for Italian. Cincinnati is not known for Italian food, as are New York, Boston and St. Louis, but there are enough choices from chain Italian to Gourmet that one doesn't have to go hungry, if that is you choice.
Our server, Isabella, originally from Spain, but a long time Cincinnati resident, was a joy. When I asked jokingly, whether Paella was a special, that night, it never is, she told me her Mother was home cooking it for the family. My retort was to give me a drink and go home and bring back a dish or take me home with her, neither happened.
Back to the food, which might be why you are looking at this. The other couple started with a sauteed Scampi appetizer, we passed. There salads are very nice and for extra they will add Feta or Gorgonzola and or fried Calamari. Some nights I have a drink, possibly two, a large salad with both cheese and Squid and dessert, plenty.
The night we were there the two men had Copper River Salmon, to my unsophisticated pallet not worth the premium, over other, while the women had Veal. All the food was very well prepared, as ordered, I like my Salmon medium rare, that night it was a little undercooked but I'd rather have it that way than over. One Veal dish was Picata, with fresh lemon slices, while the other was with mushrooms, which were plentiful No desert but coffee and a bill including tip of about $45 a person. I can't tell any more what is expensive and what not, especially for good food and service.

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