Thursday, June 14, 2007


I probably eat lunch out about 3 times a week. Some of these are Committee or "Board" lunches, attached to a meeting. Most are of the box variety and I head for the Turkey, Egg Salad or Veggie, if any of these are available.
When I meet friends I try to do a little better, still staying on the light side. In the past couple of weeks I have enjoyed the following spots and choices:

Bronte Bistro, inside Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 2692 Madison Road, Norwood - 513-396-8966. Handicapped accessible. In my Mothers day this was referred to as a "tea room" but the clientele has been broadened. The menu still remains "lite" with salads, soups, sandwiches etc. The last time there I had a fish picata, grilled, on a bun with lettuce and tomato. It was accompanied by and interesting Garbanzo Bean salad.

The Oakley Pub, just what the name implies. Located in the heart of Oakley, where else, 3924 Isabella, Oakley - 513-531-2500. Handicapped accessible, but fairly small and ofter crowded.
They have a decent Hamburger and Wednesday it's the special but my personal favorite is the Grilled Grouper sandwich served on "marbled rye" with sauce and trimmings. Along with this I choose the "crispy slaw". nice lunch for $7 to 8 dollars.

BBQ Revue, 4725 Madison Road, Madisonville - 513-871-3500. Handicapped accessible, but not easy. A whole array of meats and "sides" with my favorite being the beef brisket with a side of baked beans. I usually order the brisket sandwich, with no bread, and feel I am being virtuous. The meat alone is plenty for a decent lunch.

Cumin, 3520 Erie Ave. Hyde Park -513-871-8714. Handicapped accessible. One of my favorites, about which you will here much more in a dinner commentary. They have started serving lunch in the last month and the choices run from fairly heavy, Lamb Sausage on a bed of mushroom, potato hash to a very light green salad which one can have plain or with shrimp, chicken or beef added. I've had both and they certainly call for a libation. Deserts are available at lunch, if you want to make it your main meal; of the day, or if your planning to gain weight with a mid-afternoon snooze.

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