Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chung Ching

I don't know what Chung Ching" means in Chinese, but to me it means very good food, well prepared, in a very casual setting.
Chung Ching is at 5842 Hamilton, Ave, Cincinnati, OH,45224, phone 513-541-1243. It is in the "College Hill" area. The restaurant is a family operation, husband cooks and wife is the staff, "in the front of the house". That's how they can serve such good food at very reasonable prices.
Last night the two of us plus a New Yorker and our favorite Priest went around 7:00 PM. During our dinner there was one other occupied table and a few "carry outs".
We had one of the "dinners for four",$34.95. Our meal consisted of vegetarian egg roles, very crispy and not greasy, choice of soup; in my opinion the "sweet and sour is best, and four different courses plus white rice.
Our main courses were: Chicken with Vegetables, Sweet and Sour Pork, Beef with Scallions and Shrimp with Sizzling Rice. more than enough for 4 hearty eaters. The plates, on which we put our share were nicely warmed and each item came out of the kitchen separately and steaming.
As you can tell I am impressed. Chung Ching is a store front, small, undistinguished, old fashioned Chinese place with standard dishes well prepared; all fresh ingredients, cooked to order. It is not cutting edge or the "Gourmet find of the week", but it can't be beat for a very good Chinese dinner at a relaxed, casual and inexpensive price. The total bill including several Japanese beers, iced tea, tax and a 20% tip was $52. Put that in your "opium pipe" and smoke it.

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