Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pelican's Reef

Most of us like to frequent spots were we are known and welcomed, be it a hardware store or a restaurant, Marilyn and I feel this way about Pelican's Reef.
A "Key West" type bar and grill located at 7261 Beechmont Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45230, phone 513-232-2526. It is approximately one half mile West of Five Mile Road, in a small small strip center.
Upon entering you sense that people are having a "good time". You know it is informal when you are seated at a scrubbed wooden table, with a role of paper towels for napkins and a basket of condiments for your selection. There is a full bar, with reasonable prices, and beer is served with a glass but most of us prefer to drink right from the bottle.
As you might surmise the menu is heavy on seafood but includes other meats and pasta's.
Last night both of us chose the "Gulf Snapper" Special. It was priced at $13.95 with 2 sides. Marilyn chose the tossed salad and a twice baked potato while I had a Ceasar, a little too heavy on the semi-sweet dressing, and grilled asparagus. Next time I'll have the dressing on the side with a piece or two of lemon, but that is my taste. The food is good and the portions are adequate.
We enjoy the informality, the food and the drinks. I think you might also.

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