Monday, June 18, 2007

Finger Food

One of my constant readers, substitute Son, sent a clipping reminding me that often "food trends" originate from California, his home. Currently, the discussion is concerning portion size and price.
It seems that the Grange, north of Ft. Bragg CA, has been serving 400/500 breakfasts at $5 each, half price for children, on weekends. They have poled their guests on whether they should reduce the portion, half piece of ham instead of whole or raise the price $1. I wish all establishments were that concerned about their customers.

A friend asked the other day where to take a 100 year old woman to lunch. The woman has a hearing problem and they wanted a quiet, accessible place. We settled on the Palm Court at the Netherlands. Later I also thought of "Cafe de Paris" on Erie Ave. or "Chaz T Cuisine" in Mt. Lookout. Both small, quiet, chef run lunch spots. There was also Bronti's, written about earlier, but they thought that it was a place where their guest had been too often.

My main editor still comments that my spelling is abominable, I think I spelled it correctly. I tell him I use "spell check and the dictionary" but he doesn't believe me. Maybe I need a special "spell check" for terrible spellers. He also says my punctuation and grammar are not much better. Maybe he was just having a bad day or I'm living in my own world. Oh well, "what you "sees" is what you get".

Another good Brunch, yesterday, at Otto's and a happy Father's Day.

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