Sunday, June 3, 2007

Finger Foods

Finger Foods The title above denotes, in my mind, small bits one can handle easily.I have just returned from my first session with my editor, a friend. His first comment was that I can not spell, a fact I have know for over 70 years. He also pointd out that I am a poor proof reader and my reviews leave the impression that they were written my a boob. I'll work on both.I am sure, that I, like most Blog writters get more pleasure in creating things, than can possibly the readers. None the less we proceed. I have no formal training in writting nor in restauarant reviewing. I use no check list or criteria. All you get are my personal fellings and commentsThis past week I have learned if you like Soft Shell Crabs, get them quickly, when they appear in the Midwest, on menus or at the seafood store. They "ain't" here for long.

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