Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Finger Food

I have always said "if I could spell, I'd be dangerous". Now I have to add "if I could figure out a computer, I'd be dangerous". Since I "hunt and peck" I often hit several key-board pads, at a time, and some time a combination that sends what I am writing into Cyberspace, Draft or elsewhere. Then I almost always don't know how to retrieve what I wrote, unless double clicking or a right side click brings it back.
All this is to tell you that part of the first "Finger Food" got caught in Draft and all I was able to salvage was the part which I was able to "Cut" and "Paste". Maybe if I had roiled the "wheel" on the "mouse" you would have gotten more.
Here is what was not retrieved:
The most exciting event last week was when the artificial flowers on our table we ignited by the candle place next to them. I put it out, by blowing but we finished the meal with melted plastic attached to out table cloth. I wasn't smart enough to extinguish the flame by immersing the flower in my half finished "Bombay" or I am sure that I could have gotten a free refill.
The name of one of the Atlanta, excellent, restaurants should have been "Southern City Kitchen"
instead of just "Southern Kitchen". This was in the bit on Hugo.
The next McCormick and Schmick's to open in our general area, will be in the Dayton area. It will be run by David Heismann, a Cincinnatian who has been an Asst. Mgr. at the 5th St. location.
Six degrees of separation: one of the ILE Board members has a friend whose son is an Asst. Comptroller for the Union Square Hospitality Group, Danny Meyer's restaurant holding company.
And that is what you missed, I hope you didn't loose any sleep.

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Bob B. said...

actually, Joe, if you want to get really technical the name of the restaurant in Atlanta is "South City Kitchen".