Sunday, June 10, 2007

Finger Food

I have solicited comments from several people, along with my first editor. To all who have taken time to respond I say thanks, whether I follow all your advice or not.

Several others have told me places they have dined and dishes they enjoy. I am delighted to get such input but I decided, from the beginning, that I would only write about things that I, directly, experience. I will also try to keep my comments based on current visits.

A few nights ago I had a very interesting discussion with a very close friend. We were taking opposite sides of the question, what is regional cuisine? A world shaking problem. He believes, if I understand correctly, that if it is prepared in Charleston,SC or Biloxi,MS it is "Southern" even though it may be a grilled steak; while I content Grits, Greens and pulled pork constitute Southern cooking even if served in Duluth MN. What is your opinion?

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