Sunday, July 1, 2007

Well, I did it

Today, I took my first step, and possible only one, towards being a professional chef. Paul Weckman, of Otto's, invited me to cook the J.P.Ruben as a special for his Sunday Brunch.
The sandwich, which is a version of a "southern Ruben" which I had in Atlanta was a success, although we think it would be a better lunch item that Brunch Special.
On two pieces of rye bread toast, one top and one bottom, unless you would rather have it "open face", we put my special sauce, sort of a mixture of thousand island and remoulade plus spices, a piece of country ham, a fried catfish fillet, Swiss cheese and a horseradish slaw. Along the way it is put in a broiler to melt the cheese before the slaw is added.
People seemed enthusiastic although part of the patrons, who ordered, were friends from other restaurants and different parts of our lives.
Paul is going to try it on his lunch menu this week.
We sold out but only planed to make about a dozen. The people in the kitchen were all helpful and I now know how a tiny space, with lots of heat feels for 4 hours on ones feet.
I think I'll slide back into retirement, at least on Sunday mornings.

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