Saturday, July 21, 2007


We like Cumin and the feeling is mutual. We support them and they show up for us. Some of the people, who work there, showed up for my cooking adventure at "Otto"s" and Mung, our usually server, visited with Joanne, at the nursing home, several time a week. Therefore, what I write has a very personal slant.
Cumin at 3520 Erie Ave. 45208, phone 871.8714, describes itself as "Indian Fusion Cuisine". To me it is more European with Indian flavors and spices, for accents.
The restaurant is modern and trendy with an attractive bar and separate dinning room. Chargers are metal and the dishes, cups and even some glasses having their own shape and design.
I have tended towards fish and lamb but on several occasions we have ordered different things for the table and so have had 4 or 5 dishes to sample. We usually start with a drink, or two, followed by a first course and then one or two mains, depending on size and splitability( possible a coined word). The other night the first courses were shrimp egg rolls and a crab and slaw salad. One of the starters are very thin eggplant chips with more than a hint of Cumin, excellent. Duck, Lamb shanks and a very good lamb sausage dish gave us enough for four people.
The Nan comes in many flavor, all interesting, and enough for two to share. We always go for at least one or two. The wine list is well chosen and compliments the food.
As I said we are there often and have never been disappointed. as a side note, we brought home the shank bone for our symbol for Seder.

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