Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Boi Na Braza

I've now been to a "Brazilian Steak House", or more truthfully a roasted meat emporium.
It is interesting, fun, a show and decent, not great food. It's a good addition to the Downtown dinning scene, located on the street level at Fifth and Vine, in the Carew Tower-441 Vine St., Cincinnati, OH, 45202, phone,513-421-7111. The restaurant is large, attractive and nicely decorated, although some say there are too many dark tones. The people, tonight, seemed genuinely glad to see us and the service was first rate. Management was "on the floor" and spent time with us and other customers. Price is standard, $44.50, each, for the "full meal"and I believe $20.50 for the Buffet. The Buffet table is in the center and probably has about 35 cold items and half a dozen hot.
You are encouraged to eat as much as you want and no one should leave hungry, thirsty, yes, because of the high sodium content, but hungry, no.
I made a real effort and held back on the buffet items sampling only three cheeses, one thin slice of Italian Salami, an artichoke heart with dressing, 2 different pickles, to go with my cheese, one piece of excellent Nova and some marinated Green Beans. Also I took one very small spoon of a shreded salad of hearts of palm, sun dried tomatoes, cabbage and mixed vegetables.
I tasted a couple of the complimentary hot items placed on out table, a meat Empenada, fried Polenta and a hot Plantain.
The meats I chose were the Special Cur Rumproast, the house specialty, and probably the healthiest, leg of lamb, a half of a small pork sausage, Lamb Chops and slices of beef ribs. All were done perfectly and served in small portions, but as often as one wanted. There are 15 choices in all. A manager brought a ramekin of mashed potatoes, which no one touched and another of mushrooms, which almost all disappeared.
It was a pleasant evening in a less than half full space and we were on our way in less than 2 hours, after we entered, although that was our choice. Drinks, desert, tax and tip are all extra but still for an "all you can eat" dinner the price is not outrageous.

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