Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Sky Galley

Marilyn says the Sky Galley at Lunken Airport maybe the best airport restaurant in the country. I haven't eaten at them all, neither has she, but who am I to agree.
We went last evening, with another couple and found the place, as it has been for the last 20 years, or more. The clientele is anything from golf group to families, age 90 to a few months. There are parties of 2 to 10 and the Sky Galley is structured to take care of all.
The food is decent to good and the menu, which seldom changes, has everything from burgers to steaks. There are several fish dishes, friend, broiled or grilled, many chicken specialties, either as a dinner or a sandwich and Pasta, "World Famous Chicken livers", know as far away as Norwood, and starters which are large enough to share.
The Sky Galley is relaxed, decent and reasonable. A good place to drop in, have a drink, they have a full bar, and relax, either for lunch or dinner; it's the same menu for both.
Lunken airport is handicapped accessible by parking on the side and going in thru the back entrances, which once served as the main doors to the commercial flights, long since gone.
A shade of Cincinnati's past but still the kind of place to go and leave for well under $50 per couple.

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